L0d Returns On December 1st, 2014

To My Dear Darklings,

I would like to apologize to you guys for the lack of updates. I have been very busy and now I am going out of town. I will return on Dec. 1 and will resume all projects and possibly add new ones! Please stay tuned as I will return full force when I get back!! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Toodaloo my darklings!

Yours Truly,

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 10 Screen Caps In Progress

Goodness gracious! This lakorn just took a weird turn, a complete 180 turn to a whole new genre. At first this lakorn(or so I thought)was a romantic drama but it is now a revenge drama! Though I like revenge dramas, this new direction is very bizarre…. but… I must admit.. it’s very interesting. lol.

I never liked Aom to begin with. She’s a meddler and somewhat of an instigator(without even realizing it), but now I don’t like her even more.

She is self-righteous thinking that she’s the only good person around doing oh-so good rightful things. She ordered Thry to marry Dao knowing damn well he doesn’t love Dao, not even caring if her actions hurt Mint too. She did all of these things in the name of rightfulness but when it backfired, she only points fingers at Thry and Mint when in fact, she played a part in Dao’s death!

Who made her so righteous to appoint herself to avenge Dao? She is now acting like a bad girl, whoring herself trying to entice Songpope to get gigs just to win over Mint??? Have she forgotten all the nice things that Mint did for her???? Like become the laughing stock of society and allowed Polly to degrade her just so Aom can make money for the house payments?? Has she forgotten that Mint paid for her school and her Mom’s medical bills???

And as for Thep… what the fuck??? Is this guy stupid or what?? He’s using his own sister to avenge Dao, a bitch who never loved him! He lied to Aom about what Dao really said during her last breath! What kind of a brother is this??? Dao admitted to her wrong doing! Leave it at that!!!!!

And yes.. I still believe that Mint is guilty of Dao’s death. She may have not intended to kill Dao, but she caused the accident and she even had a chance to save Dao but she didn’t! Matter of fact, if Aom was so hell bent on protecting Dao, why the hell didn’t she run after Dao and try to save her too?? Mint should be called the murderer while Aom is the accessory. PERIOD!

Oh and lastly…  I get it.. Lin loves her daughter, Dao is her heart and soul, but get a grip lady! Your daughter was no angel okay??? How many people must kneel and bow down to you before you forgive them???? She acts as if her daughter is a damn saint who died and the world must repay! Whatever!

Okay… end of rant… lol… let’s start..

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 9 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Geez… that was a really sad ending to one’s life… not only did Dao go out fighting with friends and being rejected on her supposed wedding day, it all ended on her birthday too. And you know.. at first I felt sorry for Mint because she really didn’t mean to hit Dao with her car.. and due to the circumstances of being rejected by the man that she loves, it was understandable that Mint would be so distraught…

HOWEVER… now the second time around, I’m not going to take that “I didn’t mean to” excuse anymore. Like Aom, I believe that she has a hand in killing Dao… First off, she pushed Dao’s wheelchair away knowing damn well that they’re on an unfinished building with a dangerous gaping hole on the wall and secondly, she could have easily grabbed Dao’s arms or hands to save her, but instead she grabbed the necklace. What the fuck??? These three friends should have never been friends in the first place. PERIOD!

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 8 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Okay… I think the couples should be Thep and Mint. I’m starting to wonder if this is possible since they seem to be bickering at each other a lot?? Plus they look cute together.

And then Dao and Mark??? It could happen! Maybe they should make it where Mark had to take Dao somewhere in town and they end up getting lost somewhere and it starts raining and Mark had to take care of Dao by holding her all night to keep her dry from the rain??? LOL… I’m totally doing a mini fan-fiction here aren’t I?

And then there’s Thry and Aom.. I mean.. he’s changing drastically because of her, not his usual self centered douche bag self anymore?? And they have a pretty good chemistry too.

I like this Episode.. the sights and scenery is absolutely beautiful with Sangklaburi as the location.

I’m also starting to like Dao’s Mom. She truly loves her daughter, even quitting her job to care for Dao. On top of that, she’s also becoming more lenient with Dao even allowing her to go see Thru at Sangklaburi.

Let’s begin…

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 7 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

You know.. I don’t think Vee is such a bad actor and he does not look bad at all… however, he should play period lakorns because I think he looks good in traditional clothing versus the modern one. I thought that Thry looks quite handsome when he wore the traditional outfit in the country. It really suits him. I’m also looking forward to seeing Thep wear the sarong. He looks pretty sexy in it ;)


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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 6 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Though Dao is one pathetic and delusional girl; in a way, I feel badly for her. She seems to never catch a break! First of, her Mom (even though have good intentions for Dao), she is too much of a control freak which causes Dao to not have a mind of her own. Secondly, Dao gives her body up to a guy who doesn’t even love her, and then she gets paralyzed from the waist down! Talk about dumb luck!

I know that Aom is supposed to be a good girl and the rational one in this lakorn, but for some odd reason, I don’t really like what she’s doing. She thinks that she is doing right by forcing Thry to take responsibility for Dao, but come on now?? She knows damn well that Thry doesn’t love Dao.. so why is she pushing Thry to Dao ?? On top of that, Dao’s own Mom doesn’t even want Dao with Thry !

Also, Aom is a hypocrite. She’s dictating her two friends lives about Thry, but then she herself gets close to Thry??! What the hell?? I mean, when Thry was at her house in the country, she didn’t exactly protest when he kissed her in the water and then showed her affection after the incident with her dad! So in a way, Mint’s mom is right about Aom trying to steal Thry.

As for Mint… I like her the most. Yeah, she is pretty pathetic for wanting Thry even after he slept with Dao, but it seems like she is the one sacrificing the most. She gives up Thry for Dao and then she even allowed Polly to insult and degrade her just so that Aom can make money from the commercial.

Hmmm…. did anyone besides me think that Thep and Mint should totally pair up???

Let’s do this..

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 5 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Wow! Where do I begin?? I have no idea how or why these three girls became “best friends,” but they give the term “best friends” a very bad name!  All three of them are pretty pathetic! And yes, Aom included too!

Let’s begin with Dao.. Dao is supposedly weak and passive and mousy, but to me, she is the most dangerous one. She is the type that would do things secretively and do things behind your back. Those are the kind of “friend” that will most likely stab you in the back. To be fair, Thry did lead her on, however.. she went ahead and slept with him right after Mint announced to the media that she and Thry are getting married! So technically, Dao was the one that stabbed Mint in the back first!

And as for Mint, she is pretty pathetic to even want to marry a man who just slept with her best friend! Ewww, that is pretty disgusting!!!

Now.. as for Aom… she is such a meddler . If she just left things alone and stop meddling, perhaps Mint and Dao and Thry could have solve this problem on their own!! But no, first she orders Thry to be good to Mint.. and then she orders Thry to call it off with Mint and take responsibility to Dao. Who the hell does she think she is??? Why don’t she just allow everyone else to think for themselves???? Because of her constant meddling, now her two friends are at each other’s throats!

As for Thry..  two words.. douche bag!

And as for Thep, another two words… blind dumb ass!

Ohh… and as for Mark… clueless! hahahaha

Ahhh…. let’s start.

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 4 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

I upgraded Dao’s status from “stupid” to “disgusting and disturbing” The reason? The part when she slapped Thep, bitched at him(for trying to stand up for her), and then clings on to Thry like a deranged mad woman disgusted the crap out of me. I shuddered while watching the sheer stupidity that is Dao. And then I shook my head at how stupid Thep is for trying to defend a person who doesn’t give a fuck about him at all!

And as for Mint.. grow some self respect! Someone just revealed to you that your so called future husband just slept with her, and you’re still going to marry the dude?? And you wine like a little kid when your dad refuses to allow you to marry such a weasel???

And as for Thry, his mommy issues and the death of his father totally messed him up! I mean , I felt sorry for him for one second because no kid should go thru a death of their parent, but that doesn’t give him the excuse to hurt these girls!!

What the hell is wrong with these people??

And lastly, I’m such a sucker for good drama.. let’s begin! hahahaha

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 3 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

The stupidest girl in this lakorn is Dao! On top of lacking self respect (throwing her body at a man) and some common sense, Dao is one delusional little girl to think that a man loves her when he doesn’t! While Mint is a self centered bitch, Dao is dishonest and secretive. I have no idea what Thep sees in her!

I’m sorry but these three friends are a sorry excuse for “best friends.” It’s disgusting how one minute they are happy joy joy , hugging and kissing and the next minute, they’re fighting over a stupid douche bag. Even the Siamese twins Dok Kaew and Polly seems to have a more solid friendship!

And what the hell? lol.. Thry’s Mom sport a funky looking hair style…… and she’s a freaking cougar too!?  yuck!

It seems like everyone in this lakorn (except Aom and Thep) are dysfunctional with some kind of life crisis. Hey, but it makes for good drama though!!

Let’s start…

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Leh Nangfah Epi. 9 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

This was a cute episode… Thipope start to soften towards Beauty! Doesn’t he have such a cute smile?? He should totally smile more often. I had a nice chuckle when Beauty made him do a flamboyant pose and then she shares it on Facebook. Hehe… that was cute. And then when he gets shirtless… my my, no wonder Beauty blushed. Heck, I would keep looking and then blush later!

Anywho…I’m still a little bit confused about Uncle Gorn. I’m not sure if he is really trying to overthrow Thanabawon or is he just trying to get Beauty to step up to the plate?? It doesn’t seem like he’s such a bad guy! But I guess we’ll find out..

Let’s go…

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