How To Reset Your Password When You’ve Lost Your Password

Dear Darklings,

I love all messages from you and I thank you for sending them to me! ♡ However, did you know that you can reset your passwords all by yourselves?

Here’s how:

See the circled item below? There is a box on the bottom left column of my blog called “Meta,” it has a link that says “Log In.”

Or if you are viewing this blog from a mobile device, the “Meta” box will be all the way on the bottom of this page.


Once you click the “Log In” link. it will take you to this screen below:


You then click on “Lost your password?” From there, it will ask you to enter either your email or username and it will send you a password reset link to the email that you used to register. From there, you will be able to reset your password!

There you go, darklings! Now you don’t have to wait on me to reset your passwords anymore. Thank you and enjoy!

Love,  L0d ♥

Jud Ruk Wiwaluang Epi. 1 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Hahaha! I’m laughing at myself right now. This lakorn started with a commercial of a couple drinking coffee and then it went to a celebrity news type of broadcast. So stupid me kept fast-forwarding thinking that it was a commercial before the actual lakorn. Then it took me a few more fast-forwarding to realize that it’s the lakorn that already started! hahaha..

So anywho..  as you guys know, I’m not much of a romantic comedy viewer, but I make a few exceptions. It seems like this lakorn has some comedic elements to them, but it’s quite alright! I just want to see Bie Skurit and Noona on the same screen again! So here we go….

Note: This isn’t a subbing project. I’m doing detailed screen caps.

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100 Deceptions And Dangerous Passion Epi. 5 English Subtitles In Progress (35 Minutes In)

One of my darklings pointed out that I was having “second male lead syndrome” for Thor. Ahh.. I think they’re right. I don’t know what is up with me. I love Kongpope too (even though he’s being pretty deceiving), however.. I’m loving Thor. I mean.. just look into his big brown eyes!!! They’re so dreamy and longing for love.. just a glimmer of love would make him so happy! Why doesn’t Neung ever see it?? Sighhh!!!

I don’t blame Yim at all for liking him, he’s such a sweetheart, so dreamy, tall, and handsome. Oooo… I love watching him fix cars. It’s so sexy.. there is something soo ridiculously sexy about a man fixing cars; their hands all dirty and they have car oil over their clothing, sweat beads covering their faces, veins popping up on their arms and hands…  Ahhh I think I’m rambling…

On with the subtitles…

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New Project: Jad Ruk Wiwaluang (Arranged Love, False Marriage)


Ahhhh!! The last time I saw Bie and Noona was when Kobori died an untimely death while Ungsumalin stayed heart broken forever in Koo Kum. My heart hurts when I think about it, but perhaps now it can heal in this new lakorn???

Bie Sukrit and Noona reunites in this steamy lakorn about a wedding planner, a soon to be married couple and a jealous fiance! Also starring Pang as the jealous actress fiance!! Stay tuned! This is going to be explosive!