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Darkness Lakorn has been around for over 6 years and during those 6 years, I’ve provided you with screen caps and translations, so that you can enjoy this wonderful world of lakorns. I have worked hard many many hours to bring you detailed screen caps and subtitles for over 6 years and I do it absolutely free!

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Roy Leh Sanae Rai Epi. 3 English Subtitles in Progress (1 Hour & 5 Minutes In)

Attention: Epi. 3 RLSR is having technical difficulties right now. Please stand by and be patient, my technician is looking into it right now. And we’re back up!!! Thanks to my technician!!!

You know that you’re watching a lakorn when… the nang’ake falls on top of the pa’ake and her lips has to land right on his cheeks and no, she’s not going to quickly get up from there, she is to pause and then awkwardly jolt up and hit the pa’ake in embarrassment! It’s an unwritten rule in the lakorn rule book that this has to happen each and every time in a lakorn! Haha… I just love this stuff!! ♡

Wowsers! We’ve got three bad bitches (Jenny, Plao Roong and Ponfah) in this lakorn. Well four, if you want to include the Aunt, but for me, she’s just all bark and no bite; she’s harmless (I think?).

But let me tell you which one of the three bitches is the most conniving and malicious of them all! Ding! Ding! Ponfah is the winner. She is the scary kind, a snake in the grass type where she will act all sweet and nice and good, but deep down she is evil and cunning, ready to pounce at the least expected moment, kind of like when she tried to subtly kick Neung in the pool! By the way, who the hell visits someone at their house, but takes a dip in their pool while waiting? Ponfah’s entry to the lakorn was way sleazy. Hey, but I guess it is very suiting for her, right?

Then you’ve got the evil clowns Jenny and Plao Roong, they are your typical type of bad bitch who wears way too much make up, way too skimpy outfits and shrieks like a hungry bird. But, they are pretty harmless compared to the cunning kind!

Anywho… Let’s begin…

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Roy Leh Sanae Rai Epi. 2 English Subtitles COMPLETED!

Man oh man, it’s like the lakorn producers granted my wish! A lot of shirtless DJ Push in the shower scenes and it’s oh so abs-olutely delicious!! . 😉 Can you guys tell that I’m really really enjoying this lakorn so far??

So it looks like Kongpope does a lot of mischievous thinking in the shower! Hey, I’m not complaining at all. Hehe.

Anyway, on a more serious note, I really don’t understand why Pimpit doesn’t just tell Namneung why she doesn’t like Kongpope’s family? I mean, don’t you just hate that?? Someone tells you to stay away from someone or something, but doesn’t tell you why?? It’s human instincts to only be drawn to it just to see what the hell the big fuss is about!  And it looks like the more Pimpit forbids it, the more Namneung is curious about it.

Note: I won’t be subbing where they recap the highlights of previous episodes in the beginning, because those scenes were already subbed from last episodes. Thank you!

Anywho.. let us begin!

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Dear Darklings,

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Roy Leh Sanae Rai Epi. 1 English Subtitles COMPLETED!

Correction Alert: I fixed the amount of money that Kongpope’s dad has in the bank. He has 10,221,000,000 as oppose to 10,221,000! (I forgot to add three more zeros!) He’s a billionaire, not a millionaire. Kongpope is getting 5,221,000,000 baht and Neung gets 5,000,000,000!

It’s only the first episode and the drama has already sky rocketed! From the parents’ unfortunate and sordid history to the innocent new generation, the plot has already thickened! This is why I love Exact productions; they sure know how to grab your attention.

Kongpope; an arrogant unreasonable spoiled bastard and the oh-so gracious and kind Namneung. Will she be able to tame this beast of a man, so hungry for all of his inheritance and hungry for love and passion?? This will be a very fun journey that we are about to embark on! You guys better get ready because I hear that this lakorn will be a slap and kiss fest!!! Ooo juicy!! I’m so ready to watch DJ Push’s abs and manhandlings. 😉

Let’s begin shall we??

Note: As respectful gestures, Southeast Asians especially Thai people addresses any middle aged persons whether they are related or not as “aunty” or “uncle.” And if they are a little close in age but are older, they call them “P” meaning older brother or sister.

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Dear darklings ,

Hello there, how are you all doing? Hope your summer is going great! This week I have relatives visiting from out of town and I will be busy entertaining them. I will return on the 18th of next week.

Once I return, I will start two new projects for you all! Thank you very much for your patience and your continued support .


L0d 💗

Pope Ruk Epi. 12 (End) English Subtitles COMPLETED!!!!

We are finally at the end of our long journey, and it was a wonderful journey indeed! This lakorn was special for me as it marks my very first time to complete a series in English Subs. As you know, I began this blog with detailed screen captions of lakorns. So with this being my first subbing protect, I will always remember Pope Ruk! This lakorn has all the elements of a great story.

First, let me start with the wonderful team of actors and the entire production team. Each and everyone of them did a great job. The actors did an amazing job in their roles. They were all so convincing with the the love story between a human and a spirit. The character development in this lakorn is perfect. As a viewer, you can relate to Yeel, to Num, to Nan, to Nubdao and even to Popethorn! Let’s be honest, as humans we all had those emotions that these characters harbored and felt.  I know what’s it like to be lost and alone like Num. I felt the grief like Yeel before. I felt rejected just like Nan. And I endured humiliation like Nubdao in the past and I’m no stranger to anger just like Popethorn!

On top of the amazing cast and production, the cinematography , the pacing, and storyline of this lakorn was beautifully shot and done. The special effects and the costumes were on point! The pacing of this lakorn was good, there were no dragging scenes nor such prolonged conflicts.

This was a beautiful feel good story with many lessons for us to learn from. The first lesson is that hatred is more dangerous than fire. It will totally destroy you and everyone around you! Harboring hate and resentment does nothing to prosper your life, but the only thing it does is blacken your heart banishing you to live in an unhappy dark place just like Popethorn. Then, the most important lesson that we should learn is that forgiveness is key to EVERYTHING. It will free your hearts and put you in a happy and beautiful place. Life is too damn short to live negatively.

So my darklings, I bid you to LOVE love love and FORGIVE much!!!

Let’s begin!

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Pope Ruk Epi. 11 English Subtitles COMPLETED!!

Aww sniff sniff.. it’s so sad that Yeel can’t remember everything that he and NumRin went through! But .. I remember him saying that some things are remembered with the heart. And so we shall watch on, but don’t forget your tissues! I’ve been wiping boogers and tears with my shirt all this time. Hehe.

Wow.. One of the most dumbest character in this lakorn turns out to be Nubdao! What a dumb ass for bowing down to a guy who she knows is dangerous and vindictive. Not only has she done all his dirty work, now she is framed too as the master mind in it all. Okay, I’ll admit, I felt a bit sorry for her because NumRin was one of those mean girls to her, but that’s still no reason to turn murderous and nasty! You know, her name “Nubdao” is very pretty, it means counting stars. So I find it so ironic how a girl with such a pretty name can be so evil and menacing!

So.. now that NumRin gets her body back, I wonder what’s going to happen with Nan in the end? Will she and Yeel end up together?? You know.. I really have to give this lakorn a lot of props! This is the only lakorn yet that I can’t figure out what’s going to happen in the end? I really thought that Numrin will be the one who won’t be able to remember Yeel and their time together, but I was so wrong! This lakorn is not predictable at all.. and that’s a wonderful thing!!

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