Rang Mai, Hua Jai Derm (New Body, Same Heart) Epi. 1 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

New Body, Same heart is a supernatural lakorn starring Jieb, Vill, and Tui (the mack daddy player from Mia Luang.. boy he is hot though!) and some other actors. Let me just put it this way.. 2 bodies, 1 soul and revenge! Yep.. One HD lakorns are totally up my alley. So without further ado, on with the screen caps!

Oh by the way, this lakorn is produced by Aom Piyada, So it must be good because she is a veteran lakorneer!

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Ngao Asoke 2016

Goodness! Thais love their Ngao Asoke! It seems like they remake this lakorn every 8 years. The very first one was in 1999 starring Ae Isiraya and Ekrat. The second one was in 2008 with Pong and Peung, and now 2016 with Esther and Shaun. Sheesh, but the 2016 one looks like there will be a lot of bitch fits especially with Grand being the nang’rai!!

I may be watching this one. Yikes.. it looks like I missed so much during my one year hiatus! Wells… I’m back now and it feels so good. 😉

Sorry, I love you

Wow! If you love melodramatic lakorns, this one is for you. This is a remake of a Korean drama with the same name starring Nike, Mo, Punch, Nok Sinjai and Kangsom. This lakorn features displaced twin babies, heart problems, brain problems, and complicated love among all of the four young main characters.

I watched the entire lakorn while caring for my infant son! Let’s just say Nike starring as Gahn cried way more in this lakorn than my infant son did. lol!!

Stay tuned.. will do episode screen caps!