Pope Ruk Epi. 7 English Subtitles In Progress (1 hour and 5 Mins In)

Hello Darklings! I know it’s been a long wait since the last episode and for that I would like to thank you guys so much for being patient. With that being said, I have decided that I will exclusively work on Pope Ruk till the end. I will not be adding any other projects right now as I don’t want to get side tracked by any other lakorns! However if a really good lakorn arrives, I may just look into it.

Okay let the English Subtitles begin….

NOTE: Click the link where it says..”CLICK HERE” to watch. Thank you.

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Cancelled Project: Ngao Jai

Ahhhhh!! First of all, I would like to extend my sincere apology to my darklings for the lack of updates!!! As much as I love lakorns, sometimes I have to put them on hold to take care of other things and then I just get caught up doing more of other things. But one thing is for sure, I never forget about you guys, my dear darklings.

With that being said.. it’s come to my attention that Ngao Jai is already being subbed by others. Looking at my statistics and reviewing them, I will be cancelling this project for now. However, if it has been halted by the other lakorn fansubbers, I will pick it up again.

Right now, I want to solely work on Pope Ruk till the end. I will not be adding anymore projects until I am done with with Pope Ruk.

Thank you guys for understanding!


Pope Ruk Epi. 6 English Subtitles COMPLETED!

No way! How can I forget about Pope Ruk?? Matter of fact, since I don’t want it to end yet, I’m going to take my time with this lakorn! I want to enjoy it to the fullest.

This is the kind of love story that intrigues me because both the nang’aek and pra’aek are so vulnerable and interesting characters. Yeel is stricken with grief due to his parents death and NumRin is a wandering spirit, they both need each other to reach that closure. They are the perfect examples of fate… it’s so captivating how they meet once again after all those years when they first met as kids. I cannot wait to see how their story unfold!

Let’s begin….

NOTE: To watch the streaming video, click on the link that says “CLICK HERE TO WATCH.”

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Kularb Len Fai Ending (Epi. 15 & 16) Screen Caps and Analysis COMPLETED!

Along with Marn Kammathep, this is one of those crazy dysfunctional lakorns with a whole bunch of psycho characters running around hating on each other for no good reasons!

Like seriously.. I don’t know why I put myself thru such a weird and bizarre ride. It’s like I want to stop and get off this ride, but it was just too strangely intriguing that I wanted to know what happens at the end and so I keep going and going. And what happens at the end was even more strangely weird. LOL…

I had high hopes for this lakorn.. It sounded like a very good recipe for good drama; three best friends becoming enemies because of one guy, however… this lakorn took a totally different turn. It had a little bit of of everything… from fatal attractions, to revenge, to family issues, to straight up psycho killer!

I think if they stuck to the core plot of three friends and one guy, this would have been a good lakorn. They should have went along the line where Dao and Mint fights over Thry, however Thry doesn’t love neither of them because he loves Aom.. and so because she feels so rejected, Dao confides in Mint’s brother Mark and asked him to help her talk to Mint about letting him go for her sake.. however as Dao and  Mark spends time together trying to separate Mint from Thry, Dao and Mark starts to like each other without even knowing it. Then in the end, when Dao was in danger, instead of Thry running to save her, it was Mark who saved her and so she realizes that Mark is the one for her.

And as for Mint, because she keeps trying to push Aom away from Thry, Thep and her keeps butting heads. Thep thinks that she’s a spoiled brat always getting her ways, so he always bicker and fight with her. One day, however as Thep and mint goes to the country side looking for Aom and Thry, they end up staying for a few days as the storm approacches. When the storm approaches, Thep finally see that Mint isn’t so selfish.. he sees her helping the villagers seek refuge.  He saw a glimpse of her goodness and he liked it… However, Thep thought that he loves Dao, so he keeps seeking out to Dao.  Mint starts to realize that she loves Thep too! So she runs away to be alone, thinking that Thep will forever love Dao. But Thep himself realized that it’s Mint that he loves, and so he goes out to find her!

And of course, Aom and Thry had to start new as Thry was the reason why three friends fought to begin with! In the end, everyone lives happily ever after.

See???? Couldn’t the lakorn have gone this direction??? Wouldn’t that have been better???????

Anywho… I finally finished the ending and didn’t want to leave those who were following this lakorn hanging.. Let’s end this shall we??

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Ngao Jai Epi. 4 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

At first I was not liking Watit because he acted bratty and spoiled, however I realized that he is a sweet guy and just has so much love to give to the person he loves! It seems like his marriage to Mae is on a more of a mutual love and friendship and understanding level, and sometimes that is even better than a sexual relationship! Well, to me at least.

I think Lam is a nice woman, however I feel like a Mother’s love is the best love of all, and I get that she gave him up because he was frail and sickly and needed lots of medical care, but being a Mother myself, I would keep both my sons and do everything in my power to care for him. Now, though he’s well taken care of, Watit still doesn’t have that special love that only Mother’s can give! And… that is very unfortunate in lakorns, and real life…

Ahhh… okay, let’s go forward..

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Ngao Jai Epi. 2 & 3 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

I’m very impressed with Toomtam’s acting! He did such a great job contrasting between Watit and Rooth, how he can be a such a sickly, helpless, and whiny guy one minute and then such a caring, head strong big brother the next! It’s amazing really.

Also, they did an excellent job with the younger version of Pawlieng Wit! That younger version looks exactly like the actor! Are they related at all???

Anywho… This lakorn is getting so good! Okay, so I know Goon is suppose to be a bad guy and all, but then.. I felt kinda sorry for him.  He does genuinely love Mae and he even tried to raise money to help her little brother. And I thought that it was unfair when Goon begs to borrow money from Pawlieng to help Mae,  but then Pawlieng says No but turns around and used that as a leverage for Mae to marry Watit! And then Pawlieng had the nerves to write Goon a check as a “thank you,” for sacrificing for Watit. You know.. if I were Goon, I’d be pissed too!

I understand that Watit is sickly and desperately wants Mae, but that is his own selfishness! he could have gotten himself better by following doctor’s orders , and he could have done it for Pawlieng, the person who loves him so much! Though Watit is harmless, he is not short of selfish and spoiled!

Also, is it just me or I find Lin freaking annoying?? Ahh.. On with the screen caps…

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Ngao Jai Epi. 1 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

You know.. it takes a lot of talent to play two different personalities in two different lifestyles. I have to say that Thai lakorn actors and actresses are one of the best groups at doing just that!

I have to really give it to Vill. Although she was a new comer not too long ago, she has grown into such a fine actresses. Her work as twins the evil/good twin in Sood Saipan was great and now it is Toomtam’s turn and my my! What is better than one Toomtam?? Two Toomtams!! LOL… It’s so cool how he can act like a nerdy spoiled kid to a roughed up bad ass!

Here goes darklings, I introduce to you my new project! Ngao jai. Shall we?? Let’s begin…

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Happy 6th Birthday To Darkness Lakorn!!!!!

Oh how time fly by so quickly!! It was exactly 6 years ago today that I posted my first lakorn screen caps. My very first project was Borisud Bombut Kaen Starring Atichart and the queen of lakorns, the one and only Ann Thongprasom! This lakorn was one of Ann’s finest work. I still remember the scene where she was crazily eating rose petals while swaying to some music.. and then the next minute, she was sane again. It was great!

I spent a lot of hours screen capturing, writing, and watching lakorns on this blog, but it was well worth it because you guys are one of the reasons that kept this blog going! My darklings are wonderful and I thank you guys for being loyal readers for the past 6 years!!!

Here’s to another 6 more years of watching lakorns together! CHEERS!



Pope Ruk Epi. 5 English Subtitles COMPLETED!

In my lakorn watching career, I’ve seen the usual evil bitches who dresses in skimpy clothing and wears too much makeup. They yell and shriek and they act like bad bitches huffing and puffing, ready to scratch your eyes out. They are however pretty harmless and predictable.

The real evil and ruthless bitches are the ones like Nubdao! These are the very scary and menacing kind. They have two faces and they usually are sociopaths, where they seem like the good guy but behind closed doors, they are the demon spawn!

The part where Nubdao nonchalantly stir the coffee and smile sweetly while plotting Thara’s death freaked me out. What a nasty evil two faced bitch! What made her the queen of revenge and who the hell appointed her  to avenge P’thorn’s father? Okay.. I admit, Thara seems like a real bitch to both P’thorn and Nubdao, but surely she has a reason to be? And I’m sure there is another side to P’thorn’s father’s death?? I don’t think Thara’s family stole his empire??

I guess we shall  find out?? On with the subtitles!

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