Happy 6th Birthday To Darkness Lakorn!!!!!

Oh how time fly by so quickly!! It was exactly 6 years ago today that I posted my first lakorn screen caps. My very first project was Borisud Bombut Kaen Starring Atichart and the queen of lakorns, the one and only Ann Thongprasom! This lakorn was one of Ann’s finest work. I still remember the scene where she was crazily eating rose petals while swaying to some music.. and then the next minute, she was sane again. It was great!

I spent a lot of hours screen capturing, writing, and watching lakorns on this blog, but it was well worth it because you guys are one of the reasons that kept this blog going! My darklings are wonderful and I thank you guys for being loyal readers for the past 6 years!!!

Here’s to another 6 more years of watching lakorns together! CHEERS!



Pope Ruk Epi. 5 English Subtitles In Progress (36 Mins In)

In my lakorn watching career, I’ve seen the usual evil bitches who dresses in skimpy clothing and wears too much makeup. They yell and shriek and they act like bad bitches huffing and puffing, ready to scratch your eyes out. They are however pretty harmless and predictable.

The real evil and ruthless bitches are the ones like Nubdao! These are the very scary and menacing kind. They have two faces and they usually are sociopaths, where they seem like the good guy but behind closed doors, they are the demon spawn!

The part where Nubdao nonchalantly stir the coffee and smile sweetly while plotting Thara’s death freaked me out. What a nasty evil two faced bitch! What made her the queen of revenge and who the hell appointed her  to avenge P’thorn’s father? Okay.. I admit, Thara seems like a real bitch to both P’thorn and Nubdao, but surely she has a reason to be? And I’m sure there is another side to P’thorn’s father’s death?? I don’t think Thara’s family stole his empire??

I guess we shall  find out?? On with the subtitles!

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 14 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Ahh.. Again I continue with this messy lakorn about everyone hating everyone else and everyone else hating everyone. LOL… Just two more episodes, but it feels like two more too long!

I’m very curious as to what’s going to happen?? Will Thry finally get the girl he wants? Will Mint ever grow the fuck up? Will Thep wake up from the denial that is Dao?? Will Mark finally get a fucking clue that Aom doesn’t love him??  And will Hair lady ever have normal hair??

I have a better ending! How about we turn Mint’s Mother into a psycho killer and she kills everyone off one by one including herself? The End!

This lakorn starting off really solid.. about three best friends, but then it got weirder and weirder. It’s like the writers forgot what they were writing about?? But since I’m too far along, I can’t stop now! Let’s do this damn thing! On with the screen caps..

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Pope Ruk Epi. 4 English Subtitles COMPLETED!

I’m loving this budding romance between NumRin and Yeel..

I think that it is very special how the romance is blooming from such a morbid sort of way. You know.. how’s she’s most likely a ghost and he is a living and breathing human.

And so I too wonder how it would feel like to fall in love with a ghost?? But then when I thought about it and the hairs on my arms start to stand up, I decided that I don’t want to see a ghost let alone fall in love with one! LOL..

Ahh.. here we go folks.. let the subtitles commence! Please check back often as I will be saving my progress. Thank you darkings!

** Just a side note..  When Yeel says “NumNao” He is joking with NumRin that she is spoiled water. Num Nao literally means “spoiled water..” Or it means sleazy! .

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 13 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aom’s no good dirty pathetic drunkard of a dad finally succumbed to his demise.  It was wayyyy long overdue for him to finally be killed off! What the fuck was his role anyway? And why the hell would a “good” Mom like Aom’s Mom allowed that bastard around knowing damn well that all he does is get drunk, emotionally abused the kids, and bring home whores every so often? Can he even be called a “father” anyway??? I think not!

Ughh… for me this lakorn is like a big fat greasy hamburger. I know I shouldn’t eat it, but I ate it anyway. Just like this lakorn.. what a guilty pleasure. Okay..  Just 3 more episodes and I can finally be done with this hot mess!!

Let’s go on..

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Pope Ruk Epi. 3 English Subtitles COMPLETED!

This is my first Bella and Mark lakorn. And I think they have a pretty solid chemistry. I can picture them in a serious revenge drama where Mark is vindictive and angry mean guy while Bella is an unsuspecting socialite. LOL… I know I know… when you see one revenge lakorns, you pretty much seen them all! But who cares!! I freaking love revenge dramas!

Anywho… I don’t know about you guys but why do I already feel annoyed by Nan??? Can she like… just go away already???

On with the subtitles. By the way…. I’m doing this live..  I will keep saving my progress as I go along so please keep checking the video link for updates! Here goes…

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Leh Nangfah Cancelled (For Good This Time)


It has come to my attention that Viki has finished subbing Leh Nangfah.. therefore, I will cancel this project for good. It’s actually a good thing for me as I have too many windows open already. And though I do love Leh Nangfah’s premise, but I’ve got to be honest.. It was too redundant for me !

I apologize for the inconvenience to those wanting to read screen caps!! But I am Looking forward to other projects! Thank you.

Introducing… Meud TV!!!! (My English Subbing Platform!!!!)

Greetings my dear Darklings!

First off.. I have to bid you guys my sincere apologies for the lack of updates to Darkness Lakorns. I had a very busy holiday season attending to family activities and gatherings and other fun holiday festivities!

However, it wasn’t just all fun and play! As you guys know.. here at Darkness  Lakorns, I am always striving to give you guys the best of my work and I have always looked for ways to add a little more features to my blog! As we celebrate this brand new year, It’s time to show you what I have been up to!

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Pope Ruk Epi. 3 Screen Caps (Being Subbed)

Wow.. I’m starting to really wonder how Yeel and NumRin will end up together?? If she’s a ghost and he’s a human, how will that work? Unless she’s right all along about her body being in a coma state somewhere?? Maybe she did not descend to the bottom of the river?? Maybe her body is lying in the woods somewhere?? Or perhaps Yeel will die too and they end up together forever in another dimension? A ghostly alternate universe maybe.. ahhh… isn’t that just so romantic? Ghostly and haunting, but so blissfully romantic!! Sighh..

Okay… let’s try to catch up. I’m sure most of you are already on Episode 8! Let’s do this…

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Pope Ruk Epi. 2 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

I’m really loving Pope Ruk. It’s so hauntingly romantic and subtly funny at the same time.

It reminds me of a story that I wrote when I was a teenager. The story was about this guy who had a car accident while coming home from work. The other driver, a woman. It was her birthday and she was driving to her own birthday party…..but she never made it. She died in the car accident. She comes back to haunt the guy… but she ends up falling in love with him and he falls in love with her! He doesn’t know that she was a ghost until later!

Wow… I really need to rewrite my story…..

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