I Need 3 Volunteers To Segment RLSR Episodes!!!


Dear Darklings,

Let me start off by saying that you darklings are the best fans ever.  Thank you so much for your continued love and support. You are the reason why I keep doing what I do! No matter where we’re from or what nationality we are, we have one thing in common, and that is our love for lakorns! My friends, this is a beautiful and powerful thing..♥

Thanks to my programmer, my darklings can now help me segment videos so we can get this ball rolling faster! I know that you guys are anxiously waiting for the next episodes to be subbed, and trust me… I totally understand you; which why I am asking for 3 volunteers to help me segment RLSR EP. 8 thru 14. With your help, I will be able to post the streaming videos faster for your pleasure and entertainment needs.

Volunteers will be properly recognized and credited!

Please be advised that this is strictly for volunteering purposes only. There are no monies to be compensated or paid. If you are interested, please email me at darknesslakorn@gmail.com or message me on Facebook to be added to the darkness lakorn team! I need only 3 volunteers for now.

Thank you!!

♥ L0d



Volunteer Count So far: 1

I need 2 more, guys!!

100 Deceptions And Dangerous Passion Epi. 8 English Subtitles In Progress (19 Minutes In)

It’s Mr. Kongpope’s turn to suffer! While I think that Neung is a naive gullible girl, Kongpope was very cunning and manipulative! He had the power of his charms and billions of baht to make things happen; making a poor innocent girl fall in love with him, going as far as buying a plane ticket, pretending to be in love with her!

But none of that even matters anymore; not even his billions! Because in the end.. Love makes the world go round. When you die, the only thing that you can take with you is love and the memories that comes with it. Those billions doesn’t mean a damn thing when you are buried 6 feet under or cremated in a fiery crematory.

With that being said, I am so glad Pit finally told Neung the truth about her past with Gasemlad.. But then again, Pit should really think about forgiving her old friend?? He tried to make amends! He tried to repent and redeem!

It looks like Neung is ready to draw Kongpope’s blood now! Who’s ready for more drama??? (Me! Me! Me!)

Let’s do this!

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100 Deceptions And Dangerous Passion Epi. 7 English Subtitles COMPLETED!

Wow, I spoke too soon. I thought that the Aunt was genuinely worried about Kong, but she too is a money hungry old hag along that money hungry bitch Fah!

Okay so I’ve got a lot to say about Neung! While, I feel very badly for her in the events that transpired in this episode, I just want to scream in her face that “your Mom and your friend Thor told you so, but you didn’t listen, you naive little girl!”

I mean, yeah you want to dip your toes in the water to see if it was cold for yourself, however.. if your Mom frantically warns you.. “No, do not dip your toes in that water, because it will freeze your toes off and you will die!”  You’d better believe that I will stay far away from that water!!! But nope, no matter what Pit tells Neung, she rather believe a stranger that she only knows for a week over her own damn Mother!?? My goodness!!! And after seeing such monsters like Ratana and those bitches from the club and Fah, wouldn’t that be a big ass red flag to stay away from that dude!??

As for Yim, I feel like she isn’t a good friend. What kind of friend pushes her friend into marrying a stranger?? And what kind of friend was going to allow Neung to sign over her rights?? When Neung was about to sign it, Thor stopped it but Yim was like scolding him for trying to stop it. It seems like Yim only wants Neung to marry Kong so badly so that Thor will be available for her now. Booo, anyone agree with me???

On with this…

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Jud Ruk Wiwaluang Epi. 2 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

My my, this lakorn is pushing the conservative boundaries !  I never seen so much mouth kissing and very suggestive sex scene in lakorns before.. I guess there is always a first for everything??

Anywho.. What a crazy drunken night it was! I don’t know about you, but I think June acted like a fool, like she was on Jerry Springer show or something. Why would she care so much as to humiliate herself by getting drunk and then acting like a damn fool??? That scumbag doesn’t deserve that kind of attention! I’m struggling to like June’s character right now. Maybe it’s too early to decide??

And as for Pat.. eww, talk about sleazy, she puts the capital S in it. At least have the decency to tell Note about her new man?? I mean why not when they’re not even together anymore right?? Unless she wants a safety net to fall to in case her and her bed buddy doesn’t work out???

I think the only character I like so far is Note and little brother Jack. Eeesh.. let’s see what other mess are we in for?

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100 Deceptions And Dangerous Passion Epi. 6 English Subtitles COMPLETED!

Bravo! Bravo to Kongpope. The dude put on such a show last episode. He was willing to get his handsome face punched into a pulp and get his ass kicked into a pile of garbage! At first, I was like.. this guy is crazyyy!!!! But when I thought about it, I think I would be want to get punched and kicked too for 5,000,000,000!!! That’s 9 zeros! I’ll get punched and kicked all the way to the bank! LOL..

So I put myself into Neung’s shoes..  She doesn’t know about the 5,000,000,000. To her, it looks like Kongpope is one sweet guy who is willing to move mountains for her.. so I can see why she would want to marry him, not to mention what a handsome sexy man he is. Hahaha!

My gosh.. can I just say that Neung is so naive and such a damn pushover???! What a dummy! Boohoohooo!

Sighh.. but.. my poor Thor. Oh sweet Thor, love is right under your nose.. you are just so blinded for someone who won’t even give you two freaking seconds of her time! I can’t wait for him to realize how wonderful Yim has always been to him. Either that, or I’m about to jump into this lakorn screen and rescue him myself!

Note: If the video is unavailable but was previously available for you, please message me via Facebook to report the problem .

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