Puer Tur Epi. 1 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

This one is going to be a tearjerker, you guys. I suggest you get some tissues or towel ready to wipe away tears and boogers when you sob and cry! It’s not sad yet, but just watching Chanone; how he’s so humble and always so apologetic towards the rich folks, I want to cry for him already. Sniff sniff…  :(

This lakorn reminds me so much of Titanic! Chanone is belittled and scrutinized by rich jealous evil men just like Jack Dawson! And then he’ll be framed for something he didn’t even do. My heart is breaking for Chanone right now!!

The cinematography of this lakorn is like a motion picture, the camera moves with the characters. I kinda like it. What do you guys think??

Note: I initially was going to sub this lakorn, but I decided to do my classic screen capping. Sorry for the confusion, darklings!

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New Project: Puer Tur (For You) [ENG] Teaser


Handsome DJ Push and Esther!! It’s finally here, you guys! A story of fated lovers, struggling to be together… their social classes and the evil forces of bad men and women keeps on tearing them apart! Will they ever find their way back in each other’s arms again??? Let’s find out!

I will actively work on this project! Check out the subbed teaser. Enjoy 😉

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Fire Versus Fire Ep. 3 [ENG] (4/9) COMPLETED!

Damn!! I love how Leela is sweet and gentle, but firm and ruthless, not taking no shit from anyone. And I especially love her battles with that dimwit dumb ass Yee. LOL.

I can’t wait to see her take on Seeri..  the way she approached him was bad ass. She indirectly insults him, but makes it like she’s praising him at the same time. How the hell do you do that?? Love it, Love it!!!

By the way.. I am just doing a little bit of both… from screen capping to subtitling, whatever I feel like for the day. :) Enjoy!

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