Cupid’s Path Epi. 1 English Subtitles (8/9) In Progress

Pim isn’t the only person to blame because it does take two people to tango! Khun Anope is the primary person to blame! Let’s be real shall we?

First of all, the man isn’t exactly a spring chicken… matter of fact, he could be croaking and falling over and dying any time soon; he should be wise enough to know what’s right from wrong. But that’s not the main point.. the main point is.. the man is very selfish to have left his daughter and the mother of his child when they have spent decades together through thick and thin.. but once he becomes rich, he shoves his family under the rug and go after a woman 3x younger than he is. On top of that, he promised to never marry anyone else to Pope’s late Mother (that’s why he never married aunt Sah) but now he’s marrying Pim??? What a selfish man!!!

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Cupid’s Path Epi. 1 English Subtitles (7/9) COMPLETED!

Poor Pat.. she is so oblivious to the hate behind Pope’s eyes. Darn it… I feel so badly for her! Such an innocent person only trying to help her evil bitch sister!! OMG, speaking of her bitch sister, I am totally hating her right now. What kind of sister sends her younger “beloved” sister alone to a remote island????

Plus, their Mom is no better. What an evil woman who plays favorites among her children!

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