100 Deceptions And Dangerous Passion Epi. 14/Finale English Subtitles COMPLETED!!!

Goodness… I cannot believe that we are at the end of our Kongpope and Namneung journey! It’s been a very fun and pleasant lakorn roller coaster ride with you all, my darklings. I am glad that we are finally at the end(because there are so many more lakorns to watch together), but I am a little sad because this was a very fun and entertaining lakorn to watch. I’ll miss Mr. Kongpope and his screaming girls and his nasty but funny Aunt! Oh and big mouth Ope! lol.

Honestly, I would say that Roy Leh Sanae Rai wasn’t the greatest lakorn, but I can say that it was a good lakorn. The pacing was good, the music was excellent, the actors and actresses did a wonderful job, and most importantly, all of the misunderstandings were cleared up with no loose ends dangling around to annoy us!

However, the complaint that I do have is that I wanted a deeper connection between Kongpope and Namneung, like where we can witness the moment that they really fell in love! But hey, I guess all the complications and trials made them fall in love?? Also, I wish there were more scenes with Yim and Thor.. like how Thor finally realized that the girl who’s got his back all along was Yim. I wanted to watch a scene where he confess his appreciation to Yim and even confess that a part of him kind of liked her too, but he just thought she was a friend to him! Ughh… if they included that kind of scene, it would have been so sweet!!!!

There’s always a lesson to be learned from a lakorn. Yes, money can buy us temporary happiness and the luxuries that we all dream of. We may even live like kings and queens and eat the finest foods and drink the best wine and drive the fastest and most expensive cars and even live in a big mansion with hundreds of maids, HOWEVER. money cannot buy us true happiness. And true happiness, my dear friends… is to be loved unconditionally and to have the chance to love unconditionally. Love is inside all of us and when we perish one day, love will stay within us, along with its memories; whereas money is pretty much worthless during our last breath on earth.

So my darklings,… Love as much as you can, because in the end, it’s all that matters and it is what makes our world go round.

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100 Deceptions And Dangerous Passion Epi. 13 English Subtitles COMPLETED!

Ahhh! Demon spawn Fah used the oldest trick in the unwritten Nang’rai book of tricks!! This is what I dread the freaking most when I watch this type of lakorns! when the Nang’rai drugs the Pa’aek and the Nang’aek walks in on the illusion of him in bed with the Nang’rai’s nasty ass! Ughh… I hate this trick so much, because it is the most sleaziest trick in the history of lakorns!

You know what?? I’m starting to wonder if they named this lakorn after Fah? Because she is the one doing all the damn deceiving and lying! I want to scratch her eyes out so badly right now! What a despicable desperate two faced gold digger Fah is!!!! And Aunt Rat is the worst Aunt ever! Who needs enemies when you’ve got an Aunt like Aunt Rat???

My only comfort right now is knowing that Fah will get hers!! She will get hers! I cannot wait!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay… wheww.. I had to get that off my chest..

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100 Deceptions And Dangerous Passion Epi. 12 English Subtitles COMPLETED!

Okay, am I missing something here? Since when did the demon spawn Fah moved into Kong’s house?? What the hell is she doing there every single day and why does Kong allow her to live there?? Demon spawn Fah is a nasty nasty woman! That kind of people is the worst in this world. They pretend to be good and kind, but behind closed doors, they are vile and cunning, a two headed snake in the grass! Ughhh I hate that bitch!!! Whewwww…

I really hope Thor finds happiness soon. Poor guy can never get a damn break! Even though he realizes that Neung would never consider him anything more than a friend, he still does things selflessly for her. From putting his car repair shop on hold to getting jailed for her!!

I like this lakorn, but if they don’t at least show some happiness for Thor (with Yim), I’m going to be fucking pissed! They better not put him in the back burner towards the end when he was one of the forces of this lakorn!!! You guys feel me???

By the way, did anyone think the lady that Fah hired to divert Thor was so damn annoying? OMG.. She was like a mosquito that wouldn’t stop buzzing! lol, well, I guess that’s what she was paid to do!

So anywho…..

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