Cupid’s Path Epi. 2 [ENG] (8/9) COMPLETED!

Before I start… I’d just like to apologize for the lack of updates. I have some personal health matters going on and needed some time to relax and get used to some things. However… I’d like to make it clear to my darklings that Darkness Lakorn is still strong and will be here forever, until I retire? 🙂 So no worries.. if you don’t see updates, just know that I am here and did not abandon you all!!!

With that being said, let’s finish Epi. 2 of this lakorn. Subbing will be gradual, but I promise you that it will be completed!!

I’m so loving how Pope is starting to notice Pat.. now, if only he knew that she is not his step mother to be! I mean, there were so many clues thrown at him.. but like every lakorn.. most pra’ake’s are dumber than door knobs. LOL

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Cupid’s Path Epi. 2 [ENG] (7/9) COMPLETED!

Oh look, Pim and her grandpa.. I mean her husband is getting ready to go off to Paris! Wow, and they don’t even have to bring any luggage with them. Rich folks can just buy belongings along the way!

Hahaha.. omg, I love chili peppers, but those peppers that Pat put in the soup looks too damn hot, like they will burn your damn colon coming out. LOL.. but I like how Pope keeps eating it and not even fazed by Pat’s stunt to get him back! Okay, it’s been long enough.. let’s get going.

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