Yark Yood Tawan Wai Tee Plai Fah Quick Review

A remake of Mam Kathaliya’s bodyguard lakorn. I haven’t seen the original, but according to Mr. lady0fdarkness, he absolutely loves this lakorn. Considering that this is the only lakorn he ever watched in his life, maybe it’s good because he doesn’t have the patience to watch lakorns. So this post is dedicated to him.

Note: I’m not doing full caps for this lakorn. I just want to check in on it from time to time.

Namchel, the bodyguard calls it quit after Patsorn, the princess pulls a stunt and goes missing and then shows up like it was no big deal. She is a stubborn princess who wants to do things on her own free will. However, after he leaves, she says good riddance to him, but her face and her emotions doesn’t seem to match with her words. She then gets a wake up call from her Aunt that she is a princess and she needs to take better care of her status and not behave like that. After a teary plea, Patsorn promises to change. Patsorn shows up at the gym where Namchel is excercising. She bites her own tongue and apologizes for her behavior and ask him to come back to be her bodyguard.  She tries to keep some dignity and tells him that he’s the first one she gave into, so he better feel special. He let’s out a little smile, satisfied that the stubborn princess asked him back. She gives a quick grin and tries to hide her own feelings for him. He then tells her that in order for him to become her bodyguard again, he must know where she is at all times and if she needs to go somewhere, he is to tag along. The princess reluctantly accepts his demands.

Patsorn decides to go dancing with her friend. Of course her bodyguard tags along. As she dances, it looks like the bodyguard is thrilled and secretly checks her sexy moves. And then when the dance calls for a dance partner, Patsorn ask Namchel to dance with her, he refuses and says.. “I’m a bodyguard, not a dancer!” Patsorn challenges him and pretty much calls him a chicken that he’s afraid to dance cause he sucks at it. “Oh yeah.. how hard can it be?” He suddenly takes on her challenges and dances. She is startled as he dips her and gently man handles her. lol…

My first time watching this new actor… Hmm… he’s quite dreamy and handsome!