Cupid’s Path Epi. 1 [ENG] COMPLETED (1/9)

Goodness! When I saw Pim with the older man, I really thought that it was her great grandfather about to send her off to marry, but nope.. that man is going to be her new husband!.. boy, did she found herself a huge asset, because that old man is a billionaire. Yeppers.. can’t have lakorns without billionaires, like Mr. Kongpope from Roy Leh Sanae Rai.

So far so good! I like it already and at first I thought the pairing was kind of weird, but hmm.. I think the casting directors see what we don’t see. You may think Poh is older, but.. I think he is quite sexy with his beard and his bad ass self. Hehe!

So without further ado.. let’s get this party started!!!

Correction: Pim’s husband to be is named Anope, not Anoke. Sorry about that.

Wowsers.. I’m already drawn in the first 15 minutes.. a lot of drama and character development. I like it!

Uhmm… okay.. I get that Art is heart broken from Pim, but damn guy.. why did he gotta put other people in danger by driving so recklessly and drinking?? He could have killed someone! I hate people like that. If he wants to hurt himself, why not just drive into the lake instead of almost killing innocent bystanders! selfish much!

Hmm.. yeah.. you know, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. like a woman marrying a man who is old enough to be her great grandfather.. I mean, perhaps there is love involved?? It would take a very very loving person to actually marry a rich senior citizen because of love and not because of their huge bank account!? Do you guys think there is such a person?

Ah.. I’ll be adding more commentary as I go along.

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Cupid’s Path Epi. 1 (1/9)

Wow, Pim seems like such a real menacing selfish bitch, taking advantage of her own sister! She is scared to go see her deranged ex-boyfriend, but not too scared to send her own little sister?? What a bitch!!!

31 thoughts on “Cupid’s Path Epi. 1 [ENG] COMPLETED (1/9)

  1. WOWWWWW THANK YOU!!! I am following your blog from long time and can (read) the recaps in this way is a very fantastic idea!

  2. Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting for this. I love the one with Janie and Andrew. I hope this will be just as great, or even better!!

  3. been gone for a while so now I’m finally watching this lakorn. So ecxited!!!! Thank you so much 🙂

  4. So far, this lakorn seems interesting. Yes, Pim does seem really evil and manipulative. Pat seems like she’ll do everything for Pim for some reason that maybe we’ll find out later. Pope is cool, he’s a pretty good actor. I think this lakorn will make up for “Hua jai mee ngao”. I don’t know about you guys, but “Hua jai mee ngao’s” way that it ended upset me quite a bit.

    lady0fdarkness, thanks for the english subtitles. Please continue to sub this to its very end, but also take breaks because after all, you are a human being and you need to rest as well.

  5. I have just watched the first part and am loving what I have seen so far….finally a beard that doesn´t look fake and they seem to have great chemistry. I really hope that the storyline will allow it to shine. And omo…family drama is ensured…I fear I have to do a family tree to know who was and who is with whom and what kind of relationship they share. lol
    What I find so this day and age…lol…why can´t the guys do some research before they kidnap someone..haha
    Thank you so much for subbing this episode!!

  6. Thanks for subbing this LoD, Poh is an actor I’m always intrigued by and he looks darn sexy in this. The fashion in Thai dramas is generally hit and miss with me as its either slutty or overly fussy with rarely a middle ground, note to costume designers -tight doesn’t always mean sexy.

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