Updates: No registration needed anymore!

Dear Darklings,

Happy new year to you all. Here’s a darkness lakorn update for 2017.

I have remove the membership from darkness lakorns. You do not need to register to become a member  to view darkness lakorns. However, if you would like to post comments, your first comment needs to be moderated before it can appear. There after, any comments that you make will appear automatically.

I will NOT be doing subtitles anymore. I am going back to basics and screen capping lakorns.

Furthermore, all my subtitled lakorns do not longer work. I have since disabled them.

In other news, my baby boy is going to be 5 months old! He’s just the cutest little thing ever. And I’ll be doing lakorn summaries for a lakorn called ..”Sorry, I love you..”


2 Replies to “Updates: No registration needed anymore!”

  1. lady0fdarknessJanuary 11, 2017 at 4:46 PM

    thank you. I’m glad to be back.. doing a vill lakorn right now!

  2. SonVill07January 11, 2017 at 1:04 AM

    Hi L0d !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so glade to hear your back !!! Just the other day, I was checking your blog. Lol !!
    I love reading your recap. =)


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