Rang Mai, Hua Jai Derm (New Body, Same Heart) Epi. 1 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

New Body, Same heart is a supernatural lakorn starring Jieb, Vill, and Tui (the mack daddy player from Mia Luang.. boy he is hot though!) and some other actors. Let me just put it this way.. 2 bodies, 1 soul and revenge! Yep.. One HD lakorns are totally up my alley. So without further ado, on with the screen caps!

Oh by the way, this lakorn is produced by Aom Piyada, So it must be good because she is a veteran lakorneer!


We start off with a hot headed business woman named, Pat. She’s all dressed up getting ready for some kind of award party tonight. Hmm.. her personal assistant Kaew follows closely as she checks one last time to make sure every thing is up and up. I dunno, but Kaew already seems like a snake to me. LOL, don’t ask me why.. I’ve been watching lakorns forever so I can spot a snake right away!

“Where’s Win?” Pat asks Kaew..

OOps, there he is. Standing there, devilishy handsome in a tux.

“are you ready yet?” she asks her husband..

“not yet… ”


He leans over and kisses her. “now i’ ready..” He chuckles. ghee.. that Kaew made a face when she sees the husband and wife be lovey dovey. See?? I knew she is a snake!

On stage, Win accepts the award for having the best hotel… he however takes the focus off of him and gives his wife Pat an honorary mention.. that she is the force behind all of his success. He calls her on stage to give her a smooch and some recognition. Kaew winces and gives the stinky eye. Uhh ohh.. someone’s jealous?? and probably wants Win to herself, too.

The next day, Pat’s gar friend tells her that he has something important to tell her. He looked into her horoscope, and something bad will happen to her. Pat is skeptical and doesn’t believe in that crap. Her friend vows that these things are true and serious.. Pat tries to disregard and wants to go back to work.. however, her gay friend is adamant about it.. so he drags her ass to the temple to pray.

Meanwhile at the temple, we are introduced to a beautiful young, but sheltered lady named Lan. She is surrounded by people taking care of her.. as if she was a fragile baby. Her father reminiscences about her birth when she barely survived.. she was born with a heart defect.

Lan’s nanny says they will keep praying so that Lan will live on for a very long time. Inside the temple, Pat just finished praying.. she and Lan literally crosses path.. and they literally continue to pray. Lan and Pat shakes a cup and allowed a fortune stick to fall out. They both received a number 6 stick..

It says that it’s both good and bad and they will die but will get something good in return! Shit.. how morbid is that? LOL.

Pat is alarmed and upset.. but her gay friend advised that everything will be okay if she makes merits and prays.

“why the hell you introduce me to these things!” Pat complains to her friend.

Meanwhile.. Lan’a dad disregards the note and orders Lan to forget about anything that is bad.

Later that night, Lan stays up thinking about the note and also she wanted to stay up to wait for her husband Khun Pi. Gee.. he doesn’t sound like a good guy either.

nanny persuades her to go t o sleep.. but then nanny admits to Lan’s dad that Pi been coming home late every night.

Lan’s dad doesn’t trust Pi and feels like he married Lan in hopes that she will make him rich ! So when Pi and Lan wanted to marry, the dad took away Lan’s share of the stocks .. that way he wants Pi to prove that he doesn’t want anything from Lan besides love.

Meanwhile… Win and Pat seems happy, right? They are big business owners, they live in a big ass nice house and they have a son. But it seems like Pat is always so paranoid.. because her husband is just so handsome and there are ladies every where!

Pat tells Win  to go home to their son, but instead she sees him chit chatting and laughing with a female customer. Pat is livid and confronts him…

“if you can’t be a good father to our son, then tell me.. I’ll do it myself!” Pat storms off in her car.

Sheesh… angry thai lakorn characters and driving don’t mix.. I’ll bet she will have a close call or even an accident??

Yep.. Pat speeds down the street and runs a yellow light.. nearly hitting another car.

Pat makes it home alive. She greets her little munchkin who was waiting on her. Moments later, Win arrives home too.

Whoa.. an elevator for the car???? Sheesh.. wish I was rich like that too. lol.

So anyway… Pat cuddles with her son, behind a locked door. Win tried knocking but she refuses to open it.

“Will Kawin ever stop being so charming?” Pat utters to herself as she wipes away tears.

Hmm.. did he cheat on her before?

Pat had to fire one of her workers because she messed with one of the guests husband and Pat did not want her hotel to be associated with that mess. Well well what do you know ?? Kaew the Secretary from hell was behind it. She just wanted to recruit her friend in order to sabotage Pat and Win’s marriage.

Kaew pays her friend to “accidentally” bump into Win.. They make small talk and then she “accidentally” trips rubbing lipstick on Win’s shirt. Oh boy… Pat freaks out when she sees that lipstick stain. Win tried to explain what happened but it was too late to apologize!

Yep.. lan’s douche bag boyfriend is after her money.. But Lan is too naive and weak to realize it! Typical . shaking my head!

Meanwhile.. Lan’s husband ask her to borrow money in order to start a “business.” 

Lan goes to her dad and ask for the money but of course the dad warns her that her husband keeps failing at his business attempts and only seem to be using her. Lan gets upset and starts getting a panic attack.. She clutched at her bad heart. 

Kaew is such a snake.. She keeps trying to get Pat and Win to get into a misunderstanding. 

Lan’s husbands girlfriend decided that she wants him all to herself.. So she sends a package to lan.. The husband under wear and a photo of him sleeping. Eww!

Win is one handsome dude but the guy seems dumber than a door knob. Lol. The nang’rai always use the oldest trick in the book! 

So anyway.. Kaew’s friend is hired as the new worker at the hotel.. Kaew pretends to introduce Win and her friend to eAch other when though bitch knew Damn well she hired her to sabatoge pat. 

Win offers to take the new worker for an innocent tour of the hotel… Uh oh..  Pay arrives.. And of course Kaew takes the opportunity to tell her that Win took the new girl on a tour toward the hotel rooms!!!

Stupid Win shows the new girl the hotel room. Again she acts like she trips.. I mean if I was the guy.. I’ll be like.. The duck wrong with you ?? Why you keep tripping ??? Lol

But nope.   Pa’akes in lakorn are dumber than door knobs.Win helps her and sits her on the bed to check her ankle.. Then as Pat arrives outside the hotel room.. The new girl goes in for the kill.. She shoves Win up against the wall and pulls him on top of her!!! Pat walks in!!! Pat is freaked the fuck out.. She slaps Win in the face and storms off.. Not listening to his explanation. In the car she drives wrecklessly recalling the times when she walked in on Win and random girls but then Win vowed not to ever do that again. Yep.. Like I said.   Angry lakorn characters should never mix.   Looks like Pat is headed right to death as she is about to have a car accident.. 

Meanwhile… Lan arrives at her husband’s whore house.. She walks in slowly and follows moaning and giggless coming from the bedroom.. She sees her husband in bed with his girlfriend. Lan clutches at her heart and collapses!!

End of episode 

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    I am dying for this to be subbed…SO thank you, your recap is almost as good as watching it. Best wishes for you and your baby.

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    Can you also sub naree rissaya? Someone is subbing upto 8 Episodes but I would like to watch the rest fast. Thanks

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    You’re going to love this lakorn. It’s very good!

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    OMG. I do not recall him… but L0d oh L0d, he is sooooo fine. You’re not kidding! I can’t wait…and I’m glad your back!

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