Sanaeha Diary Series: Buang Sanaeha With ToomTang and Noon Sirapan

Excuse me while I get into my usual lakorn mode. It’s been a long time since I had a chance to watch an entire series! With my busy baby (now toddler), it is quite challenging to do so. But thank goodness for my amazon firestick with alexa! It allows me to watch youtube, netflix and movies right from my TV. And best of all, this is all from a touch of buttons from the controller. Goodness, I love technology. Now, I don’t have to be watching lakorn from my laptop anymore. I just power on the firestick and leave the lakorn on while I chase after my toddler!

So…  let’s see…I skimmed thru and decided to watch part 2 of the Sanaeha Diary Series. It’s about a love triangle.. Oh but not just any love triangle. A charming rich business man named Peam marries the beautiful Mintra… Well.. everyone should have been invited to the wedding right??? Nope.. Peam’s gay lover, Jack certainly wasn’t invited!

In this story, Jack and Mintra goes head to head trying to fight for Peam. Sometimes when Mintra is in so much pain and hurt, she has the handsome and loving Ton to run to! My goodness, this is actually a love 4 way, not a triangle! LOL…

I thought this lakorn was very interesting as the nang ‘rai is a gay guy. Boy was he a bad bitch! He was cattier than your usual nang’rai. Hehehe…

I’ll be back for more reviews.


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