Sanaeha Diary Series: Part 1, Kup Dak Sanaeha Starring Pong Nawat and Aom Piyada

This is my first time watching a series of a series of a series of lakorns! I mean, most lakorns are already 12 plus episodes, so a series of them is like a loong ass never ending lakorn right? But after watching Part 2 (yes, I watched out of order), I was interested in watching part 1. By the way, all these characters are connected somehow in someways.

Anywho… we take you to the story of Done.. he is a happily married man to his lovely stay at home wife Lita and they have a cute young daughter. Everything went well as they just celebrated their 10th year anniversary of marriage..

However, darkness looms over as Done’s company is expecting to be closed down if their ratings and product sales keep on decreasing. Because of that, Done is forced to work long hours and always missing family events and time spent together. With the increasing stress and tension of his job, Done’s mother, Lita’s Mother in law’s constant nagging about how Lita is good for nothing staying at home and not bringing in the money.

So… what happens next??? A sexy young woman named Mai crosses path with Done at the super market on the night of his fight with Lita because he couldn’t make it to the beach weekend getaway. And Poor Lita is stuck with her menacing Mother in law!! Mai catches Done’s attention right away.. especially when he’s been on the rocks with wifey.

The next thing we know, Done and Mai are shacking it up having hot sex right in her apartment as Lita kept calling Done’s phone only going straight to voicemail!

It was oh so good, but then morning arrived and Done came to his senses and felt an overwhelming guilt wash over him. What have he done?? Done sneaks away and tries to wash his body clean of Mai… But can he really cleanse himself of Mai?? Is she this sweet and innocent woman that she pretends to be??

I really enjoyed this fatal attraction lakorn. Watch it and let me know what you guys think??

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  1. tikatok128September 10, 2017 at 8:59 PM

    Pong..right now ..likes to play as cheater Husband 😀
    How are you dear?…long time no see..hope you and your little one have a good time together 🙂

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