Khun Samee Gamalor TeeRuk Epi. 1 Review COMPLETED!

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I usually don’t want to cap romantic comedies, but…. oh man, I can’t resist this pairing!! I love them in Mia Tang so much that I will give it a try… so here we go.. Oh and of course I need a few episodes to learn all their names!

So .. the lakorn starts off with pa’aek (Rome.. )taking pictures of the picturesque hills and village people.. as he snaps pics.. he comes upon a beautiful beautiful woman…. (Chompoo).

She’s oh so gorgeous strolling gracefully.. he snaps some pictures and was in awe of her.. not realizing that he was blockingg her way…

“excuse… may I?”

mesmerized, he was a bit speechless..

“may I pass?” says the beautiful girl.

and he moves to let her pass…   the nan ak joins her friend who was talking about one of their customers who Japanese and getting married to a Thai girl. It is a grand event with cameras ad reporters.

as they were interviewing the couple… the nang ak admired them and sighed.. she’s so deeply in touch as she is a romantic and someday yearns to have a beautiful wedding just like that.

Tone (rome) is a writer and is going sight seeing to get ideas for his story… he expresses to his editor on the phone  that he wants to write about a man who meets a woman on the hills but he doesn’t know her name..

just then he sees a lost wallet… Pim (chompoo) happened to loose her wallet. Tone looks inside to see whose wallet it is.. just then Pim and her friend arrived and thought he stole her wallet. ton tried to explain that he found it there.. but pim was about to seize him and attack…  when she realized.. that she was the one that dug into her purse.

ooopsie… she gestured and then she and her friend apologized..

“there’s dirt on your forehead..” pim tells him.

she was then tempted..she got up and wiped the dirt off his forehead herself.. that was the moment when time just stopped for him as he looked at pim, taken back by her.

once she was done cleaning his forehead.. she excuses herself. Tone stood there in awe of her, not realizing that he doesn’t even know her name and that he’s got her handkerchief.

“hey wait!” he runs after her, but she already left.. so then he caught a ride with a man on a motorbike. Tone was desperately trying to catch up to Pim.

Too late, Tone couldn’t catch up with her. So it turns out that Pim is already engaged to s guy named Aek. Pim however expresses to her friend that for some reason, she respects Aek, but she doesn’t have that passion for him that the Japanese guy and his wife has for each other.

Her feelings for him is kinda blah! She’s not excited about marrying him nor is she looking forward to it. She doesn’t love him obviously, but feels like he is the right guy for her

.. Hmm…. So anyway… it looks like aek is always trying to get fresh with her, but Pim tries to avoid him like a plague! He also seems like a bad guy to me too by the looks of him.

Pim has a brother and parents.. her Mom seems happy for Pim, but her daddy was feeling a bit weary and already missing his daughter.

meanwhile… inspired by Pim… tone examines the handkerchief and starts writing his love story. He had just arrived from thailand not too long ago and haven’t even told his grand mother he is home… but his sister arrives. they greet each other and are very loving. His sister knew something was up and questions about the handkerchief.

Pim wakes up very early so that she can race with her rival, a girl named Lun who also works at the cosmetic company. Lun is always trying to win and compete with Pim.

The two arrive at work . It gets pretty catty as they start the insults. (is it just me or Lun looks so overly made up?? It’s hard to look at her ! sheesh)

so they go into a meeting.. Lun and Pim bicker back and forth. Lun was getting ready to throw a binder at Pim when the boss walks in. the boss starts the meeting and announces that she wants their cosmetic sales to go over by 60 percent and that she wants all of her employees to work together.

The two girls pretend to agree but it’s so on to get that bonus from the boss!

Tone stays low key hiding in his sister’s house, not telling anyone not even grandma that he’s back. He then wonders if he should should start finding his own place.

meanwhile.. Pim is getting restless and stressed out over her upcoming wedding.

“will I be happy?” Pim ask her mom.

Mommy dearest tells pim that this life is for her to be happy and think for herself and that whatever happens, the family will be there for her.

so we see here that even though Lun is always competing with Pim, the real bitch here is her own friend, the oh so sweet and gentle Pla! (I knew there was something peculiar about her.. a jealous streak perhaps?)

so Pla walks over to Pim’s beautiful dress and deliberately pours her iced coffee on it while no one was looking.

she then claims that she accidentally spilled the coffee. But too ad for Pla, nothing was ruined cause Pim was able to fix her dress in a jiffy using a grey fabric to cover the dress and what do you know! it made the dress even prettier .

so wedding guests arrives.. Pim stuns her groom looking beautiful than ever.

and then trouble arrives. It’s Lun. Pim and Lun insults each other indirectly, but it was Pla that Pim needs to watch out for!

meanwhile… Pim’s brother however, upon seeing Lun.. he took a liking in her and asked Nan about Lun. that’s when Nan informs him to not let Pim know that he’s interested in Lun because that is Pim;s rival!

the wedding is at a fancy hotel and it happens to be at the same location as where Tone and his boss were eating lunch! As Pim passes by in her wedding dress, Tone happens to walk by too.

He feels her presence but wasn’t sure what it was that made him stop for a second!

meanwhile back at the wedding, it’s about to be finalized with Pim signing her name. Just as Aek was about to sign his name.. lights go out and a video appears on the projector. It’s a video of him and a girl!!!!

then a pregnant girl comes out of no where , says she’s aek’s wife and pregnant and was bitching at Pim for supposedly stealing her man. Just then Pla comes out and says that Aek is her man!!

So aek been sleeping with two girls and was trying to marry Pim .

Pim wasn’t the soft weak type. she puts her foot down and beats the crap out of Aek and hands his dumb cheating ass over to those girls to fight over him themselves.

Pim apologizes to wedding guests and heads out running.

as Pim runs for the door.. she runs right into Tone! She trips but he catches her in time!

“sakura?” Tone asked thinking that was her name .

they paused for a moment and gazed into each other’s eyes, then Pim went out running. Her friend nan caught up with her . Pim speeds out and goes to the be alone with nan consoling.

“My name is Pim, I move forward… I will not move back !!”

Pim tries to move forward by working… but her boss gave her time off and even an all expense paid trip to the beach resort.

she hesitates, but decides to go.

meanwhile.. Tone goes asking hotel reception to see if they know Pim’s name.. but no luck.

then his boss sends him on a trip.

Just as Pim was settling in the resort after she talks on phone with her parents… a van arrives… a new guest comes out of the van.. it’s tone!!!!

End Of Episode

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  1. kekeDecember 16, 2012 at 6:40 PM

    oh Lun and the brother. cute! I’m excited for that. 🙂

  2. lady0fdarknessDecember 13, 2012 at 1:55 PM

    I’m not sure if anyone is subbing this , but I’m still capping it. 😉

  3. JJDecember 13, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    I think they’re ALL overly madeup and hard to watch. The makeup crew needs to lay off the makeup because I know these girls are much more beautiful with less makeup. This lakorn seems interesting, is there anyone subbing?

  4. :)December 13, 2012 at 12:47 AM

    This is sooo aweSome !!! I normally see that you recap a lot of lakorn all the time and wasn’t sure if u would even consider recaping this lakorn. ThanX a MILLION !!! 🙂

  5. lainiDecember 13, 2012 at 12:17 AM

    Thank you for recapping this lakorn. it really help me on watching this lakorn, with the guided of your recaps so i understand a lil bit of what happen n what they r talking about.
    thank you soooo much..

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