Marn Kammathep Epi. 12 COMPLETED!

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Namneung deserves daughter of the year award (yeah right)! Her dad fell off the stairs, but she wasn’t around. Now her Mom became paralyzed and she’s still not around. Instead, she’s lingering around a guy and his crazy ass sister trying to win them over?? What a dumb ass nang ak. Urghh… I’m not liking Namneung at all. I’m so annoyed and disgusted right now. Seriously.

Crazy nutcase Ploy goes berserk cause someone mentioned mistress second wife to her. And of course the truth hurts cause she once was a mistress. She yells and screams.. and then goes crazy pointing gun at Kiansak, threatening to imprisoned him forever .

Meanwhile..  Petch awaits for Namneung to wake from her fainting spells. He was caring and was worried for her, but once he sees that she was waking up, he pretends not to care.

“oh you’re awake.. I thought you were dying..”

“did you really want me to die?”

“yes..” Petch says coldly.

Then Namneung explains that she knows her father did wrong but right now, Ploy is using love to trick everyone. Namneung tells Petch that Ploy could walk now but pretends to be handicap still.

Petch got mad and accused namneung of bad mouthing his sister.

petch got so mad that namneung dared to say bad things about his sister. he swoops her up and threatens to throw her ass in the water. she screams and says she’s sick.

“good!’ he shouts and was to throw her but she supposedly fainted. he got startled to see her faint, so he brings her back to the bed and get a basin  of water ready to wipe her down. But it turns out that she was just pretending to faint to see if he cares for her. She sits up and smiles and quickly lay down when she hear him coming.

he then rushes to the kitchen to make her some food. She sneak to the kitchen and overhear him talk to a friend that he’s “making food for his girlfriend..” she got all excited that he referred to her as his girlfriend.

“so he does love me..” namneung utters happily.

meanwhile… nuan is very upset.. she recalls the doctor telling her that khun ying is paralyzed from the waist down. she enters the room where khun ying is at. khun ying was freaking out in bed and was so afraid that she fell out of the bed.. that’s when she realized that she couldn’t feel her legs.

“what’s wrong with my legs??? i can;t feel them! I can’t feel anything!!”

that gun toting guy enters the room and feeds on nuan’s hatred for petch. He made nuan promise that she will give the same story that petch killed tahwan. In return, he promises to get namneung and the family back together again.

back to petch… he keeps calling out for his mother and wondering where she is.

speaking of his mom..  gun happy guy and his mom is threatening to kill her but will be using her to lure petch in.  back to petch and namneung…

she wakes up.. he pretends not to care.. “oh you’re up… good.. eat, and take meds..”

“I have no strength… can you feed me?”

“stop being a drag.. if you don;t eat, then go die!”

“do you really want me to die? are you not going to feel bad? fine.. I will go die..” she gets up and threatens to go kill herself.

“stop it!” he pulls her back.

“when I look in your eyes, I know you love me.. you won;t hurt me..”

“stop kidding…”

“I’m not kidding… I know you love me.. look at me, please look at ,e.. we love each other so much…”

he forces himself not to look but he couldn’t stop himself.. and he ends up gazing at her.. she cries, he turns away.

“please…  ”

he turns around and touches her face.. wipes the tears away and lay a kiss on her.

just then, the phone rings. gun happy guy is on the phone.. with his Mom screaming in the background.

“if you don;t want anything happening to your mom, bring me namneung!”

Petch drags her in the car and they leave to go do a hostage trade off.

both the gun happy guy and his mom seems to really love guns!

they weren’t doing a fair trade cause they tell thim to run as they catcg up with her.. if she can get away fast enough she lives, if not.. she dies.

and so thim runs and runs but she collapses in fromt of an oncoming car. Gun happy mother and son thinks she is dead.

Meanwhile… petch arrives and demands for his Mom.. but of course the gun happy guy demands for him to give namneung to them, but petch isn’t dumb. he tells them to give his mom first, but since his mom was no where to be seen.. he manages to get away and keep namneung with him!

“why did you treat me like that?? ”

“cause your dad is a bastard!”

namneung insist that ploy is lying and dares him to go see that she can walk. Petch vows that he will prove to her that ploy is not lying.

Meanwhile…. Ploy walks to the hospital again.  (hmm.. how she got there so fast? I thought she lives in the country side??)  Ploy goes to khun ying’s hospital room to scare her. she pretends to be a ghost. (Oh god.. this is where I put my palm to my face cause khun ying is so fucking stupid.. idiotic really)

petch leaves cause namneung challenges him to go. She now paces around the room… waiting for him, never minding her own mom.. just waiting around for a guy to love her!

after driving half way, petch turns around….

he comes back in.

“what are you doing?”

“p petch.. you’re back.. ”

he pretends to come back not cause he cares, but cause he has to .

“why the hell you keep smiling? you crazy?”

“yes.. crazy cause I love someone like you.”

“why? is it such a burden to love someone like me? not high so or rich like that guy?”

“what are you talking about?”

“what i’m saying now! if you don’t like it, leave it!”

“I can’t stand it anymore, p petch!”

“then leave! i’m only bearing here with you to find my mom. ”

he pushes her down and climbs on her.

“I’m here… because.. I love you.. you hear me???” namneung says thru tears.

petch softens up and was going to kiss her but he changed his mind.

petch demands her to get ready cause he wants to go back to ploy’s place to prove to her that she isn’t lying about her disability.

So they arrive at ploy’s place.. the next morning, they go looking around for ploy… there is no sign of her.. only her wheelchair parked in the room.

petch looks around and is determined to prove that his sister isn’t tricking anyone. Petch tells her that ploy is probably practicing walking.

namneung swears to petch that ploy can walk and probably even drove somewhere cause her car is gone too.

petch starts to worry… he calls ploy and is in denial that ploy has been lying..

“see.. her car is gone!!!” Namneung expresses..

then … there she is.. ploy walking on crutches towards them. “I had someone take the car to check.. it was parked so long.. I asked someone to look at it..”

she then falls down.. petch runs to help her. Ploy insist on walking, “I gotta walk so I can go find Mom…”

“just cause I practice walking.. people think i’m lying..” ploy says sadly/

“you see what you did???” petch snaps at namneung.

then ploy faints.. petch takes her to bed.

petch leaves to fetch the meds.. while he was gone, ploy taunts namneung.. “you see how much my brother loves me?”

“I know very well .. you use love as your bargaining tool!”

then petch came back in.. ploy acts all sad.

“in your eyes.. yo think my disability is a burden… I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to burden anyone, especially petch…”

“what the hell did you say to her??” petch snaps at namnung.

“if you like her.. go with her..” ploy tells petch.

that’s when petch vows to ploy that he won;t marry namneung.

ploy exaggerates her sadness and tells petch to leave her be, she doesn’t want to burden anyone.

petch scolds her outside.. she gets upset and vows to leave. she leaves to go but he grabs her and holds her.

“don;t leave..”

she tried to leave again, but he holds her and kisses her. The entire time, Ploy sees them and is very upset and jealous.

ploy goes hysterical.. “petch has to believe me!!!! not namneubg!!! no!” Ploy goes crazy, kookoo insane! Petch hears her shrieks. He  knocks on the door but ploy goes crazzzzyyyyyyy!

(goodness, this lady is so starved for love!)

everyone hurts.. nambeung sits on the swing somberly as her dad yells for help from the shed.


the next day, khun ying finally comes home from the hospital… in a wheelchair. she is saddened and lost all hope.. “I used to pity ploy that she has to sit in a wheelchair.. now it’s my turn…”

nuan consoles khun ying… ” I don;t understand.. you are the victim of ploy…”

meanwhile… alice tells doctor that ploy s dead.. doctor was shocked and didn’t believe it.. so the pair goes to visit ploy.. and there she is alive and well, in the flesh.

“I’m fine… i’m not dead. I might be disabled, but i’m alive…”

alice looks disappointed. lol

she offer for alice to touch her, but alice refuse and curse her out . doctor drags alice away and apologizes to ploy.

Petch comes to comfort ploy.

“why everyone comes to curse me?”

“don;t worry about them…”

“they think I’m disabled , a useless thing…  ”

petch consoles her and reassures her that it’s not her fault.

he tells her to be strong and vows that they will find their Mom.

Petch hugs her and promise that everything will be okay.

“I hope Mom is okay..” ploy expresses to petch.

End Of episode

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  1. Yang YangFebruary 19, 2015 at 2:30 AM

    If Namneung’s actions toward Petch is an act of her “true love”, I hope I never find true love. Forget “I know we love eachother” bullc**p. I would slap the damn boy and leave his sorry ass, but then this is Pong were talking about. How could I ever dump him~ but seriously this episode…no words could describe how pissed off I am with every stupid a** character in here. Excuse my ranting, thank you for your time on capping the drama 🙂

  2. Ms. ElizabethMay 15, 2013 at 11:07 PM

    I totally agree with you, Nam is just getting on my nerves. How can she be such a rug. Girl come to your senses and leave Petch and that crazy family, so he can miss you. Thank you for the recaps.

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