Current Projects

1. Tom Yum Lum Sing Starring Chompoo & Por (discontinued)

2. Mia Taeng Starring Rome & Chompoo (discontinued)

3. Dok Som See Tong Starring Chompoo (discontinued)

7. Raak Boon Starring Mike and Margie (discontinued)

15. Soot Saipan

17. Saab Pra Peng Starring Rome, Aun , Benz

20. E-Sa Rawee Chuad Chod

21. Wieng Roy Dao 

23. Samee

24. Samee Tee Tra Analysis

25. Look Taad Starring Bella & Ken

26. Kularb Rai Kong Nai Tawan

28. Leh Nangfah Starring Vill & DJ Push\

29.Fai Ruk Plerng Kaen

30. Anin Thita

31. Ngao Jai

33. Sud Kaen Saen Ruk  -Discontinued

34. Jud Ruk Wiwaluang – discontinued

35. Hua Jai Mee Ngao 

36. Tang Parn Khammathep

37. Fai Lang Fai 

19 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. Thank you for your amazing project. I sub Chinese dramas to English but I cannot understand Thai thus hopeless there. I am aware you may not take request and the lakorn I am looking for is old production. But it is such a beautiful drama that sadly lots all Eng sub version after Viki removed it. The drama is Sapai Jao 2015. If you can possibly take up this Lakorn it will be amazing but if not. It is fully understandable.

  2. Thank you for subbing those wonderful lakorns. Wish I could speak Thai too so I can watch lakorns without sub lol

  3. how do can i watch the complete lakorns without having to download the TVfanatic? help-hints anyone……:(

  4. hello! i just wonder if can you sub Ab Ruk Online in english? please? thank you. 🙂

  5. Hi there,
    I was wondering if it possible if you can sub mai sin rai fai sawat and neung nai suang into english?

  6. Hello, I thought you would enjoy this drama. I watched it when it came out and I thought it was a good comedic and strong female lead to it!

    The drama is called Dao Kiang Duen or The Star Beside the Moon

  7. OMG…Can’t wait til u caP King Kor Rah, Kah Kor RanG…oMG…i’LL BE WAITING…thANX ALOTTS!!XD

  8. ^^ go to youtube and type in Meu Nang; there are some users that are uploading it.

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