Kularp Son Narm Episode 2 Caps Completed

Status: Done!

*Please excuse my typos and such. I don’t have time to go back and check them all. I’m pretty sure they’re all understandable though. Enjoy. 😉

Wow, I had no idea that Dan was directing this lakorn. Very good so far!

So we left off from last episode where Pu runs into Panh disguised as Mina. he and Panh gets into a shouting match where he man handles him and she slaps him. Pu was furious when he was told that Panh (Mina) was going to be his brother’s nurse. he still thinks that Panh is a hooker or some kind of slut and doesn’t trust her to take care of his brother. Pu’s dad, Pagorn was sure that Panh (Mina) is a good nurse cause the real Mina was referred to them by Luk’s doctor. So Pu had no say in it as he tries to convince his dad that he saw Panh at the club, that she is a bad person.

Back in her room, Panh reminiscence on the times when her sister was alive. She vows to seek revenge on Luk. Meanwhile, Pu was in his room thinking about his brother when everything was okay. He was worried that Panh is not a good person and will not be suitable to care for his brother.

Later, Panh checks on Luk. she walks up to him and takes a pillow to smother him. she puts the pillow over his face, but stopped herself saying that death is too easy for him. she wants him to repay by torturing his emotions slowly. Just as she stopped herself, Pu came in and thought she was doing something to his brother. The two bicker again, resulting in Pu force kissing Panh. Just as he was forcing a kiss on her, his father walks in and stops him. he gets a scolded by his dad, where old wounds emerge.

Pu: If it was me in there and not Luk, you would be happier wouldn’t you?

After the painful chat, Pu walks away, where Panh watches above. that’s when she vows to get revenge on both brothers, because she thinks if one brother is bad, then both of them must be bad. Panh goes back to Luk to pretend to care for him. He wakes up from his coma. everyone was excite. Pu, his father, and their nanny stood around to greet him, but to their dismay, he couldn’t remember any of them. Pu suggest to take Luk to the doctor, but panh panicked so she tried to stop them but couldn’t. she called up the real mina to go meet her at the hospital to talk to the doctor for her. at the hospital, Mina and Panh switch places. panh pretends to go speak to the doctor while her friend was actually the one. The doctor then tells Pu and his father that Luk will recover with therapy and medication. Panh had a feeling that Pu was going to do some investigating, so she and t he real Mina cleared off Mina’s nurse desk and added Panh’s things instead. Just as she thought, Pu came by to check if there was really a Mina working there. they had a close call when the real mina saw that her picture was on the wall of staff. But luckily, she was able to remove it before Pu saw it.

Later that night, Panh called her parents to check on them, She reassures her mother that she is okay.

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Kularp Son Narm (A Rose’s Hidden Thorns) Episode 1 Quick Caps Completed!

Status: Done!

Note: I will be doing quick caps for this series. The entire storyline will be covered, but I will not be able to screen cap them in details like my other projects. Enjoy!

WOW! That was a freaking roller coaster ride. Very good, but depressing lakorn!  I couldn’t resist. I absolutely love Ae Issariya; I just had to cap her lakorn. And I’m glad I did!

The lakorn starts with Dan’s character, Luk picking out flowers for his girlfriend. he doesn’t have much money so he had to compromise.  The lakorn switches to Oil character, Pu. he drives to the club but a motorcyle cut in front of him. They both stop at a club. Ae’s character, Pahn gets off the bike and gets into the club. Pu sees her and is taken aback by her beauty. Panh meets her friend Mina at the club. Mina had asked Pahn to help her get back at a cheating boyfriend. The two girls go into the club. Mina describes to Pahn that her cheating boyfriend is wearing a white shirt, black jacket with a rose in his pocket. Panh didn’t see cause something happen to go in her eye. By the time she opens her ee, Mina runs off trying to hide from her bf.

When Panh finally opens her eye, she spots Pu who was wearing a black jacket and white shirt and someone just happen to put a rose in his pocket. Thinking he is the cheting boyfriend she go after him. she flirts with him and was about to reveal his cheating ass to his current beau when Mina advises her that she got the wrong guy. horrified, she runs away from Pu. but since Mina begs her, Panh goes after Mina’s boyfriend again. she does the same thing she did to Pu and flirts with him. Just as Pu was about to leave when his friend didn’t show at the club,  he sees Panh with a new guy. he misundestands and thinks she a hooker. Panh gets the guy back for her friend and was about to leave but runs into Pu. Pu immediately insults her and refer to her as a hooker. She slaps him, but their altercation was interrupted when Pu’s dad called for help with his brother Luk who refuses to go home. Their dad has been trying to get him back home. He forbids Luk to be with Baan, Panh’s sister and a girl who is out of his league. The dad had men chase Luk around, but they couldn’t get him home cause Luk threatened to jump. Later that night Panh goes home and calls her sister baan to see if she got the ring she sent her. The two are very closed.

Pu’s father asked Pu to help him lure his brother to meet him. Baan and Luk are very much in love even though his father doesn’t approve. The next day, Luk gets a phone call from Pu to meet him, that he will help convince their dad to accept Baan. Luk quickly goes to meet Pu, but runs into his dad. That’s when his dad begs him to do him one favor. the favor is to engage to a girl that he had chosen for Luk. reluctant, Luk decides to listen to his father and do this favor. Meanwhile, Pu brings Baan who was unaware of her fate, She walks in as Luk was putting a ring on another girl’s finger.

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