Artit Ching Duang Epi. 28 (End) Caps Done!


The servant is knocked out cold. Rong lurks in the darkness while Rawee starts to look for the servant. Something doesn’t feel right, so Rawee goes to her drawer to grab the gun, but like magic it disappeared. And when she turned around, there she is Rong standing there pointing the missing gun at Rawee’s face. She demands for the will, but Rawee lied to her and says its in the box. As Rawee pretends to get the will from the box, rong gets impatient, so she pistol whips Rawee. Rong’s eyes wander around in search of the will. while she wasn’t looking Rawee throws the box at her causing her to lose balance. Rawee charges her and they struggle for the gun. The gun accidentally shoots the picture frame, causing the will to fall out (ofcourse. lol). They fight for the will. but Rawee got a hold of it and ran for her life while Rong chases and shoots, but misses. Then finally she caught up with Rawee and manages to shoot her in the shoulders. Rawee gets away, and calls Neung, but was quickly struck by a big stick/ She knocks out. Rong grabs the will and tries to burn it, but a mysterious wind blows out the flame. Then finally, Rong manages to put the flames on the will. but Rawee woke up in time to stop her. The will then falls off the balcony and landed on the dirt. The two women fight some more, but Rong manages to push Rawee off and runs down to the ground to fetch the will, but its gone! Chode holds up the will and tells Rawee that its over bitch. Neung, Rawee, and Chode surrounds Rong and tells her its over, her time is coming. Rong refuses and runs off.  

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Artit Ching Duang Epi. 27 Caps Completed!


Rawee gets ready to go away to the secluded home she has in the country. She takes the elderly servant along with her. She reasures Neung that she will be fine before heading off. Fah confronts Soon about firing her fron the company. Soon taunts her and says he will give her the opening of being his mistress if she obeys. Fah refuses to be his mistress and curse him that heaven will punish him soon. At the country house, Chode sends Rawee a gun to protect her self. Later, she tunes into the ch. 5 news, curious as to what Rong has in store for her. When the news reporter shows a photo of her and Chode passed out in bed, Rawee goes into total shock and is quickly devasted and saddened that she wassn’t able to continue his legacy. A very upset Rawee goes into her and bedroom and grabs the gun to end her misery.  Right before she pulled the trigger, the  elderly servant stopped her by pulling away the gun. They go into a struggle, Rawee trying to take back the gun, and the servant trying to take it away. As they struggled, the history Suriyathit book fell off the bed. When the struggle was over, the servant picked it up and there lays the last will written by Rangsee. Finally, Rawee regains hope.

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Artit Ching Duang Epi. 26 Caps Done!


At Rangsee’s funeral, a racus breaks out. Rong taunts Rawee and tells her she has the nerves to show up at the funeral when Rangsee supposedly killed himself after seeing photos of her and Chode. Rong then shows the photo to everyone at the funeral. The guests starts to pass the photo around. Rawee tries to tell everyone that Rong isn’t Rangsee’s daughter and that Rangsee was murdered, but no one listened. A distraught Rawee leaves the funeral crying and defeated. The next day, the will was read by the attourney stating that all assests and empire will go to Rong. Chode and Neung is shocked and feels like this will is not right and that there must be another will to void it. Late at night, Neung breaks in and goes through the office, but finds nothing. Rong walks in on him and taunts him, and ends up trying to choke the bitch but gave up saying he isn’t as evil as her. The elderly servant goes to bid her goodbye to Rangsee, but before she leaves, the window mysteriously open causing wind to blow in. When the servant was about to close it, a red ancestry book falls out that holds the letter that Rangsee wrote. When the servant went through it, just when she was about to get to the page with the letter she stops. On the way out, Rong stops her and inspects the items that she took. Rong looks at the red book book, but luckily didn’t turn the page to where the letter is.

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