Lom Huan Epi. 4 Caps Completed!


Goon was chased away from visiting Lom Huan, but she manages to sneak to the back and see him from the iron fence. Lom Huan is very excited to see her, while she asks him how he’s doing and if he’s okay, and that she is worried about him. He is ecstastic to show her a picture he drew. He runs over to the drawers and brought out the picture for her.

Lom Huan:  Here, I give you.

Goon: You drew this yourself?

Lom Huan: Yes, yes.. I drew it myself! Is it nice?

Goon: Yes, it is.

Lom Huan: Do Goon know what this is?

Goon: A picture of me, right?

Lom Huan: Yes..yes.. of Goon playing music. Here, it’s for you.

Goon: Thank you.. you need to write under here that it’s for me.

Lom Huan: Write? I don’t know how to write!

Goon: It’s okay, I will teach you!

Lom Huan: Really??!!

Goon: Yes, but it will be our little secret!

And then she shows him how to pinky promise. (soo romantic!!!)

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Lom Huan Epi. 2 Caps Completed!

*Already.. my heart hurts whenever those evil batards lay a hand on Lom Huan. I’m so happy Goon is suspicious about some things. Can’t wait till she rescues him. Here are the caps for this episode.  P. S, I will cap Meu Nang tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned. 


Goon sneaks into the mute lady’s room to check on her and clear some things out for her. The mute lady is asleep, so Goon takes this opportunity to look through her stuff to get more clues as to why she does magic. Goon looks through some drawers and stumbles upon a small photo album. In it are pictures of a mom and dad and a happy looking little boy. The mute lady awakes, and was afraid that Goon is one of the bad guys so she chases her away. The mute lady takes a hold of the album and holds it to her heart. Goon informs Daycho that the spending report and the balance does not measure up. Daycho gets annoyed cause he’s probably the one spending it like crazy. He changes the subject and tells her to let the accountant handle it. Tian arrives to take Daycho to the faclity to visit Lom Huan. He also asks Goon if she wants to come too; Goon happily accepts. They go visit Lom Huan and it seems like his condition is worsened today. He is withdrawn and is angry. When Goon kneels down to greet him, he launches at her. Daycho is rude and mean and said don’t go near him, he is dirty and nasty. Goon tells Tian that she feels badly for Lom Huan, then Daycho comes out saying:

Daycho: Why you feel sorry for him; he just tried to attacked you??

Goon: He doesn’t know what he did, so we should forgive him, not get angry with him.

Daycho: That Lom Huan!! Not only is he trouble, he is born stupid and restarded!

Goon: If we have a choice to how we are born, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be born that way do you?

Tian changes the subject and they leave the facililty. The mean orderly takes Lom Huan to his room and starts beating him cause he says Lom huan caused him to get scolded. Lom Huan cries and pleads out.. “stop.. stop… I’m scared.. I’m sorry.. stop.. stop..” (this part was pretty hard for me to watch.. I can’t imagine someone beating a mentally challenge person like that.. I don’t even want to think about it. sigh..) Later, the new worker, I think he is therapist or a doctor’s assistant there goes to the evil doctor and mentions that he feels that there’s something not right about Lom Huan’s condition. One day he is happy and normal, and the next he is angry and withdrawn. The doctor seems mad and tells him to ignore it and that it’s normal for Lom Huan. Back at the house, the mute lady cleans the house and catches a glimpse of the family protrait of mom, dad, and a young lom huan. She looks very saddened. Goon comes to her and tries to communicate and tells her that she saw Lom Huan today and that she knows that she does magic to curse the people who harmed Lom Huan.

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