Fan-Fiction Time: Save Me by lady0fdarkness

Tag line
Sometimes, you need to be saved from yourself

Kristen Kreuk as Annie Rose Tinsley

Johnny Depp as Kale Lamar

Genre – Mystery/Drama
Rated – R, for sexual content and explicit language


Sea Side Mental Hospital holds five hundred psychiatric patients whom are all women. Their lives revolve around padded walls and confinement. Some of them either leave home to reality or they stay trapped in their own minds. Amongst these women is twenty year old, Annie Rose. She was committed into the hospital by her parents. They had a reason to commit her; she’d blame every bad deed that she’s done on her evil sister. But there’s only one problem; Annie doesn’t have a sister.

Kale Lamar is one of the orderlies who works at Sea Side Hospital. He is an only child and has been on his own ever since he was twelve years old. Kale’s parent’s died in a car accident which led him to fend and care for himself till now. At twenty-five years old, he lives alone and is happy working at the hospital. He loves helping and caring for the sick patients; befriending them, hoping to make their lives brighter.

Every patient seemed to love Kale and enjoys his company, except one; Annie. She’s withdrawn, distant, and cruel. No matter how hard he tries to befriend her and try to understand her, she pushes him away. Kale doesn’t stop there, but instead he vows to get inside her, and perhaps save her from herself.

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Fan-Fiction Time: Love, Unconditionally by lady0fdarkness


For a limited time only, here’s your chance to read my fan-fiction “Love, Unconditionally.”

Cast list:

Aum as Anouwat Anajath – The handsome and charming sole heir of a multi-billionaire, Khammee Anajath. Though, Khammee would like for his only son to take over his lumber and textile empire, Anouwat isn’t interested in it at all. Anouwat’s interest is in helping people. He would like to become a doctor one day and the best physical therapist in all of Thailand, in hopes of making someone’s life better. While in America, Anouwat graduated with an MPT(masters of physical therapy). His father is very displeased, but continues to encourage Anouwat to work along side with him.

Sririta as Pimpida – The lovely girlfriend of Anouwat. Pimpida is an independant woman who is devoted to her long time boyfriend, and hopes that one day he will propose to her.

Andrew Gregson as Dome – Hadsome and fun loving friend of Theela and Anneetha. Dome is the son of Annedeth’s bestfriend, so he practically grew up around the three sisters.

Tang-mo as Anneetha Inajuk – Beautiful, but saddened eldest daughter of a real estate owner. She is caring and kind, but at the same time she is reserved and keeps to herself. Anneetha has two younger half-sisters, Theela and Kateeya. Anneetha’s Mother died in childbirth, which also left Anneetha with a birth injury. She was left paralyzed from the waste down and she has to use a wheelchair to get around. Her father, Aneedeth Inajuk soon married another woman when she was two years old and he had two more daughters.

Ae as Theela – The second daughter of Aneedeth. A passionate girl who cares for both her sisters. And sometimes, she is caught in the middle, trying to protect her sister Anneeth from Kateeya’s cruel intentions.

Noon as Kateeya – A beautiful, but spoiled self-centered girl, whose purpose in life is to get what she wants. No matter who gets hurt or what the cost is. And with her Mother’s blessings, there is no stopping Kateeya.

Nok Sinjai as Nanny Keojai – The beloved nanny to Anneetha, who knows every hurt and sorrow that Anneetha goes through.

Older random Thai stars as Annedeth Inajuk and evil second wife Sanee Inajuk, Khammee Anajath and wife Ninoy Anajath.

Genre – Drama, Romance :: Rated – R

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The Girl In The Window Epi. 3, Part 2 Posted!

“After cleaning himself up as best as possible, Kaen put on a black hooded sweater. He put the hood over his head, took a deep breath, and opened the door. This was the moment he dreaded the most—the moment he had to face his mother and the monster who did this to him.”

Mr. Chamun did what he did best and beat Kaen up. Find out what happened next! CLICK HERE to READ!

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