Mia Luang Epi. 15 Caps Completed!

  • this series ended today! But I will continue to cap it till the end. I’m posting as I cap, so enjoy!


The aunt warns Wee that if she takes Noodee along, Noodee will steal Noot, Wee won’t listem. Before taking Noodee to see Wee, the aunt advised her to deny Wee’s offer to go with her. Noodee agrees, but while Wee ask her to come home too, the uncle encouraged her to accept Wee’s offer. So in front of the aunt, Noodee went ahead and said yes to Wee causing the aunt to be very angry, but there was little that she could do, but allow Noodee to leave. Jiangjoke calls Wee to see if everything was okay. He seems to want to ask her to be with him, but Ken advise him to let him wait till she annd Noot divorces. Wee didn’t tell him and Ken that she’s got Noodee cause she wanted it to be a surprise. (uhh okk.. what is so surprising about bringing a snake  home?) Nuan is upset that Noot hasn’t calle or stopped by so she calls hom up only to get Orn. She and Orn gets into an argument, but when Noot walks in, Orn pretended to be the victim causing Noot to scold Nuan. So Orn enjoys visiting with Noot and cooking for him, not knowing that her biggest threat, Noodee is back in town. When Wee’s friend heard that Wee will let Noodee live with her, she worries for Wee that Noot and Noodee will get it on. Wee assures her that it will not happen since Noot is already out of the house. Later Noot calls up Yoot and ask him for help. Yoot goes to Wee’s office and tells Wee that Noot is really sick. I think it’s Noot’s plan to see if Wee would come and visit him.

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Meu Nang Epi. 2 Caps Completed!

*Here’s Episode 2, I am posting and updating it as I Cap them. Enjoy!


So the evil bitch tries to hit Mae, but Thips dead hand stops her. Da accuses of Mae fighting back and tries to hit her again, but an invisible hand blocks again. Then suddenly they hear a ghostly voice telling them to stop hurting her daughter. This made da even angrier and ordered Mae to be trapped in the basement room. Mae tries to let them free her, but they only closed and locked the door. Thip stays with her daughter, but is invisible to her. All Mae could feel was her motherly presence. After a little crying, Mae falls asleep and dreams that her mother hugged and comforting her. When she woke up, she noticed a hidden cabinet and wonders what her father was hiding. She opens it and discovers her mother’s hand and a photo. She takes the hand and holds it to her cheeks and realized that her mother was by her side all this time. (I couldn’t help, but cry..My mother is the world to me…so I can’t imagine losing her :() Later, the pa’aek is shown thinking about Mae. He doesn’t know her name, so he calls her owner of the tubberware, cause she left tubberware full of foods for the dek wat. Upon entering his home, his father screams ay him for not following his order of meeting a hi-so daughter. He refuses and protest that he just want to live without the superficial stuff and that he is sick of his dad always putting business first. His dad slaps him and then he refers to his dead mother that since the business killed her, it’s his cue now. They argue more, causing pa’aek to storm off to his room and then he talks to a picture of his dead mother. The father was about to barge in, but heard what his son said, so he goes off and talks to a family picture and cries out that he is doing all of this for his family and his son’s well being. Meanwhile, Mae falls asleep in the basement. Thip stays close by and is very worried about her. She calls out for Dannai to help their daughter. Dannai subconciously hears her voice and wakes up in a jolt. He them calls up Da to check on Mae, but immediately Da showed annoyance that he called in the middle of the night just to check on Mae when he also has a daughter named Moonta. But she lies to him and assures him that Mae is okay and that she is sound asleep in her nice comfy bed.

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