Look Mai Plien See Epi. 1 Caps


The lakorn starts off with a stormy night. A man is rushed to the ER with his wife along side with him. In the break room, Benz character named Thip is knitting something. Rome’s character named Thee comes behind her and lovingly asks her what she’s knitting, she responds with a “I can’t tell you.” They both appear to be doctors. A nurse comes in the room and tells them that there is critically injured man in the ER. Both Thup and Thee rushes there. After that their team work paid off cause they saved that dying man’s life. They were complimented by another doctor about how great they are as doctors. To treat Thip for a job well done, Thee surprise her with a new house. They go there to check it out. They frolick happily in the house, just 3 more months and they’ll be married.

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