Look Mai Plien See Epi. 10 Caps Completed!

Status: Done!

Hmm.. I’m starting to wonder what is the point of Thip’s revenge now??? What will she get out making Neung and Thrin get together? Ahh.. 4 more episodes and I’ll find out.

Neung was surprised when Thrin showed up for work the next day. That meant that he listened to her suggestion. Neung hands a gift to Thrin to give to his father from her mother. She says it’s a gift for accepting Thip as his patient. Thrin gives the present to Thee. Thee opens it in his room. It is a knitted sweater and a card.

Thip: thank you for helping me.. I knitted you this shirt to show you my appreciation..

Thee thinks of the night that he saw her knitting the sweater for him and then he utters some words to himself.

Thee: I pained you so much.. I will repay what I did to you.

Thee decides to call Thip to thank her for the sweater. Thip answrred the phone and was so happy that she smiled widely, something she has really done before.

Thip: Thee…
Thee: I never thought you’d knit it till it’s done..
Thip: I was determined to finish it.. actually, you would have been able to wear it a long time ago until… uhh… I want to invite you and Thrin to our farm house.
Thee: farm house?
Thip: Uhh.. I want you to speak to Pasope that err.. we don’t have anything going on. (that’s her excuse for him to come)
Thee: Yes, I will speak to Pasope.
Thip: Thank you.. see you later.

Thip tells Neung to call Thrin and invite him. Thip’s intention is to set up Thrin and Neung together. Thrin was happy to be invited by Neung to her farm house. Thrin and Thee gets readu to go to the farm house. Thee tells Thrin not to tell Tai as they snuck away. Tati watches from the window and is suspicious of both her son and Thee. Thrin and Thee arrives at the farm house, causing Thip to be very happy.

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