Mia Luang Epi. 3 Caps


Even after her brother begged, the husband stealing witch Orn keeps flirting with Noot at his birthday party. Noot notice that his wife standing by herself so he goes over and asks her to dance. Orn also goes to dance right next to them and moves her body seductively while eavesdropping on their conversation. Once the music was over, Wee went outside for some peace and quiet which gave Orn a chance to snatch her husband to the dance floor where she moved her body like a whore. Wee’s friends witnessed the entire thing so they went and fetch Wee to see it. Wee comes back and see her two-timing husband dancing to a slow song body to body with that witch, but she feels powerless to do anything.


After the party in front of everyone, Orn ask Noot to go to her car cause she wanted to give him his present. Wee’s friends were sarcastic asking why she’s giving him now, and then Orn and her friend indirectly insulted them where they exchange indirect insults to one another. Noot takes his wife along with him to receive the present. Orn keeps acting flirtatious towards Noot totally disregarding Wee. When the tension was high, Orn’s brother changed the subject and encouraged everyone to be on their way. Noot tells his wife that he may have a lot of women, but they are all play things, but as for her, she isn’t and that she was the most important of all. He tries to hold her hand, but she pull it away. (OMG, this guy is such a fucking jerk!!!) Later at Orn’s home, her brother scolds her for acting so slutty, but she just argues back and tells him that she will do what she pleases. When Noot got home, he opens the present and admires the shirt that was given to him from Orn. He smiles happy and sniff’s the shirt, probably wanting to sniff something else. LOL.. sorry, I’m so bad.


Orn is pissed when she sees her ex, the father of her baby visiting his daughter. She chases him out, and threatens to call the cops. She calls her friend for advice. Her friend tells her to go ahead and get her claws on Noot so that her ex will get a clue and go away. And later she takes her daughter and goes over to Wee’s house where their daughters play. Nuan, the nanny looks pretty jealous and pissed to see Orn. While the women wait for Noot, Orn tells Wee that she loves her as a big sister the moment she met her. I guess it is a way to taunt Wee cause they both know damn well that she’s out to get her husband.


Once the player came home, Wee excused herself to tend to the kitchenn for dinner. Noot suggest for Orn to go help, but Wee instisted she doesn’t.

Wee: Go ahead and stay here and chat with my husband. I don’t want him to think that I’m taking him away from you.

After that she walks away. LOL… I like how Orn and Wee act so kindly to eachother, but they are pretty much throwing daggers at eachother. Later, Nuan pulls Wee to the side and confide in her about Noot and Orn. She says:

Nuan : How can you take it?? That woman is flirting with your husband. If it was me, I’d kick her out right now.

Wee: Nuan, if I kick every woman out because of my husband then the only woman left would be the cook. (Haha, Nuan then shuts her mouth and apologizes to Wee for what she did)

And later at the dining room table, Nuan daydreams about shoving Orn’s face into the bowl of soup. Orn notices that Nuan was staring at her, so she demands to know what Nuan what was wrong with Nuan.

Orm says she wants to learn how to cook from Wee sometimes. And that’s when Orn blurts out that she should sleep over sometimes so that she can stay around and learn. The player Noon seems to want that to happen. Wee says she has no comment on the matter. The kids then mention that they want to go to the beach, where Orn tells her daughter to go beg Auntie Wee to take them. So like one big happy family, they all go to the beach together along with Nuan the nanny. At the beach, Orn asks Wee if she was going to swim.

Noot: Oh, Wee likes to sleep in the pool instead.

Orn : Not me, I came all the way to the ocean, so I WILL swim in the ocean. Khun P, in that case, since you won’t be swimming, can I borrow your husband to go swim with me?

Wee: Help yourself.

Oh my gosh… this is so scandulous. Poor Wee, she needs to do something quick!

Nuan watches as Orn and Noot have fun in the ocean. And then Orn’s ex husband came by and played with his daughter. Once he met Wee, he thanks her for bringing his daughter to the ocean. (Hmm… I wonder if Wee and him will hook up?? LOL… like they will be exchanging partners.)  


Later that night, they all had dinner eventhough the tension was so thick. But as usual, Orn and her shameless self keeps flirting with Noot while Wee ignores it. The tension got even higher when Orn’s ex came over to say goodbye to his daughter and Wee. Noot seems kinda mad that his wife met a guy. They have a long talk after everyone went to sleep. It wasn’t clear, but I think Wee tells Noot to be straight forward with her about Orn. Once the conversation is over, Wee has a flashback of when her friends tried to warn her before she marries Noot. They warn her that Noot is a player, but Wee tells then that he seems like he wanted to settle down. She was dead wrong about that! The next day, Orn goes over to Noot’s beachhouse, but runs into Nuan instead. They have an altercation where Nuan called her a whore mistress. They were about to have a smack down, but was stoon stopped by the other nanny. Darn!


Orn shows up again asking to borrow Wee’s husband to go swim. Wee allows it and walks away. Orn then puts on an act as if she feels guilty for falling in love with Noot so that Noot would pity. They walk hand in hand on the beach and runs into Orn’s ex where he tells them the children will be confused to see them holding hands like that. Orn’s ex goes and visit Wee. Orn and Noot are frolicking on the beach. He piggybacks her and then before leaving, they kiss. When Noot sees his wife with Orn’s ex, he then gets totally jealous. He questions her relationship with him. So it’s okay for him, but not for her?? Grrrrr… I hate this guy!!!!!!


Orn’s ex shows up at Orn’s door, asking her to stop messing around cause he doesn’t want Wee to get hurt. She refuses and he walks off not knowing that he just added fuel to the fire. Noot attempts to to talk to Wee again. He knocks on the door, she opens it and he starts to try and reconcile with her and tells her that he and Orn doesn’t have anything going on. But Wee says not right now, nut soon and says he cannot even admit that so she closes the door in his face. Later, he boss calls her and tells her that a big University wants to hire her to work there. She accepts the job and informs her friend. Noot overhears and is upset that she didn’t tell him something so important as this. She says even if she tells him, it’s not important to him anymore. She walks off and leaves him hanging. (I so can’t wait for him to crawl back to her and beg on all fours!!!!)

That’s the end of Epi. 3. Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks so much for the caps. I’ve been watching without subs, and you’ve cleared up a lot of what I didn’t understand.

    Can’t wait for the next post. =]

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