Kularb Len Fai Epi. 4 Screen Caps In Progress

I upgraded Dao’s status from “stupid” to “disgusting and disturbing” The reason? The part when she slapped Thep, bitched at him(for trying to stand up for her), and then clings on to Thry like a deranged mad woman disgusted the crap out of me. I shuddered while watching the sheer stupidity that is Dao. And then I shook my head at how stupid Thep is for trying to defend a person who doesn’t give a fuck about him at all!

And as for Mint.. grow some self respect! Someone just revealed to you that your so called future husband just slept with her, and you’re still going to marry the dude?? And you wine like a little kid when your dad refuses to allow you to marry such a weasel???

And as for Thry, his mommy issues and the death of his father totally messed him up! I mean , I felt sorry for him for one second because no kid should go thru a death of their parent, but that doesn’t give him the excuse to hurt these girls!!

What the hell is wrong with these people??

And lastly, I’m such a sucker for good drama.. let’s begin! hahahaha

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 3 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

The stupidest girl in this lakorn is Dao! On top of lacking self respect (throwing her body at a man) and some common sense, Dao is one delusional little girl to think that a man loves her when he doesn’t! While Mint is a self centered bitch, Dao is dishonest and secretive. I have no idea what Thep sees in her!

I’m sorry but these three friends are a sorry excuse for “best friends.” It’s disgusting how one minute they are happy joy joy , hugging and kissing and the next minute, they’re fighting over a stupid douche bag. Even the Siamese twins Dok Kaew and Polly seems to have a more solid friendship!

And what the hell? lol.. Thry’s Mom sport a funky looking hair style…… and she’s a freaking cougar too!?  yuck!

It seems like everyone in this lakorn (except Aom and Thep) are dysfunctional with some kind of life crisis. Hey, but it makes for good drama though!!

Let’s start…

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Leh Nangfah Epi. 9 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

This was a cute episode… Thipope start to soften towards Beauty! Doesn’t he have such a cute smile?? He should totally smile more often. I had a nice chuckle when Beauty made him do a flamboyant pose and then she shares it on Facebook. Hehe… that was cute. And then when he gets shirtless… my my, no wonder Beauty blushed. Heck, I would keep looking and then blush later!

Anywho…I’m still a little bit confused about Uncle Gorn. I’m not sure if he is really trying to overthrow Thanabawon or is he just trying to get Beauty to step up to the plate?? It doesn’t seem like he’s such a bad guy! But I guess we’ll find out..

Let’s go…

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 2 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Poor Aom.. not only does she have a drunkard dead-beat good for nothing dad, her Mom died during her graduation and she’s dirt poor!! On top of that, she has two so-called best friends who would turn their backs at her at a drop of a dime! What the fuck! I would call them frenemies more like. What kind of best friends would listen to a guy they only know for 2 minutes versus their own friend they known almost their whole lives???

I’m sorry, but I think Dao is stupid and impressionable , not to mention desperate! And Mint is a self absorbed and self centered brat who is also desperate ! Believe it or not, I’m more annoyed at Dao and Mint more than I am at those Simese twins Dok Kaew and Polly. At least Polly and Dok Kaew have excuses to be bitches.. what are Mint and Dao’s excuses??

Anywho…. I think it’s pretty interesting how the pa’aek, Thry is sort of bad guy. You don’t get that too often where the pa’aek is just bad! Usually pa’aeks are suppose to be sweet and kind and respectful or they’re tortured misunderstood souls, but here we have Thry, whose pretty much just a douche bag. lol.. let’s see where this goes??

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Leh Nangfah Epi. 8 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Hahah.. funny episode! It reminds me of the time I told my friends that if I were to be an animal, I would want to be a bird so I can shit on people’s heads, especially those that I don’t like; the same way that Beauty took big dumps on Pat and Thua’s heads! :P

Though Thi has his reservations about Beauty, I’m starting to see that Thi is starting to open his heart just a little bit for her. Which is a good thing, because I am so ready to see some romance! We are already going onto Episode 9 and yet, I see zero romance. But it’s okay because I don’t want it to be rushed and forced either. I want it bud and grow into a full bloom!

Okay , let’s hurry so we can watch Epi. 9. I saw in the previews that Thi gets shirtless for  Beauty! Hey… I don’t mind that at all!

On with the Screen Caps…

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Kularb Len Fai Epi. 1 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Wow! This lakorn is definitely filled with beautiful ladies that’s for sure! So I had a chance to view the first episode and so far, I like it. It’s a story about three best friends; Aom, Dao and Mint. They love each other very much and they promised  to look out for one another. Whether if it was through thick or thin, their friendship is said to last forever……. BUT, what happens when Dao falls in love with the man of her dreams, but then that same man is arranged by the elders to marry her best friend, Mint? That man, however is set on pursuing Aom no matter what it takes!!

Oh my… now that is some wild stuff!!! Can their friendship survive the fire that is called Thry(Vee)?? I guess we’ll just have to find out won’t we??

By the way, you guys can watch the episodes on the Ch. 7 website!

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Potential Project: Kularb Len Fai (Rose Fire/Roses Playing With Fire)

Airing today on Ch. 7 Starring Vee Veerapat and a whole bunch of cute actresses is Kularb Len Fai literally meaning “Roses Playing With Fire.”

I loved Vee Veerapat back then when I used to watch Ch, 7 lakorns. And I think the last time I watched him was in Buang Hong. so I think it’s long awaited for me to watch his lakorn again??

After watching the teaser; three best friends falling in love with the same man, Vee as a photographer? I’m interested in watching it. I’m going to do a test run on this lakorn and will let you guys know if I will Screen Cap it or not. Stay tuned!

Leh Nangfah Epi. 7 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Darklings I need your participation. Comment below and let me know how many of you are reading Leh Nangfah? I want to know because I am seeing a lack of enthusiasm! In order for me to continue working on this, I want some motivation to go on. You know what I mean?

So with that being said, though Orn is a bit annoying with her babyish talk, I’m liking her and Jed’s development so far. I’m glad that both actors from Jao Payu (Kaew and Deth) are back together again in this lakorn. At least this time he gets the girl??

You know I understand how Pat feels however, what she is doing now to Beauty is 10x worst because she is a grown ass adult with a conscious. Whereas when they were kids, they were kids and Beauty was just a spoiled kid. So what’s Pat’s excuse now that they are grown ups??

By the way.. I’m wondering if that bird is a well trained bird or are they just able to film it in a way that makes it look like the bird is acting as well?? I find it pretty neat!

Let’s begin…

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Sai See Plerng Epi. 13 (End) Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Ahhh… we have finally reached the end of our journey in Sai See Plerng. We started off with Duangta, a scorned and bitter woman whose adoptive Mother rejects her and then her husband Sode marries another woman on the same day that she gives birth to their child. She and baby Sai are banished to live in the small lake house behind the main house and they are treated like servants, facing cruelty and rejection.

We then see little Sai, a sweet little girl who only wants love and companionship from her grandma, father and little sister, but she too is shunned away, treated as if she wasn’t part of the family. And then we see Sai transform into a vindictive, cold, and an emotional hardened woman whose purpose in life is to exact revenge on her family.  Sai could have embraced the sweet revenge of becoming a rich successful woman, but she turned to the dark side and wanted more. She wanted them to suffer the way she suffered.  The outcome? The death of her little sister and the death of Sai’s very soul.

In lakorns, there are always lessons to learn. For this lakorn, we are reminded that a child is innocent in every ways. They are like sponges soaking up every hate and every anger from adults. If shown love and kindness, a child will grow and prosper into compassionate adults.

Another lesson is that we should stop harboring hate and resentments because we are the ones that will get burn alive in the end. Life is way way too short to live with that kind of negativity and hate. Instead, let the past teach you to be stronger and a better person.

And lastly, the most important lesson is… forgive and free your hearts. Love and let live. Surround yourselves with happiness and those that make you happy. Look at what happen to Sai for example.. In the end, she lives with the fact that her actions caused Sorn to die and she caused those around her to hate her. Was it all worth it? No, not a damn bit.

I enjoyed this lakorn very much, though I found some unnecessary flash back scenes to be too abundant. Other than that, the entire cast did a wonderful job. They were very convincing causing me to cry my eyes out! All the male cast did a great job especially Chakrit! And Chompoo definitely delivered! I think Mew Nitha is going to be the next big thing. I really like her and look forward to her future work.

Let’s end this..

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