Sai See Plerng Epi. 10 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

After feeling lumps in my throat and having butterflies in my stomach while tearing up really badly, I have to say that in my history of watching lakorns (since I was 7 years old with my Mom), the scene when Sorn revealed her feelings to Chan was the most sweetest and heart felt scene I’ve ever watch!!

It was so innocent and sincere of Sorn  to console Chan and also reveal her feelings for him. It was so bitter-sweet because Chan was at his most vulnerable while Sorn finally came out of her shell and was brave enough to show how she felt about him. Because Sorn is such a sheltered and controlled young lady, It was also very surprising because I never would  have thought that Sorn would be the one that revealed her feelings first.

It was beautiful and perfect at the same time; Sorn and Chan have so much chemistry! My fave couple. . I love it so much!! Going to rewind it right now!!

By the way , let’s start the screen caps..

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Sai See Plerng Epi. 9 Quick Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Greetings darklings! I shed my first tear for this lakorn during the part where Sai learns that Buree is her P’Bee all along. I don’t know why but that moment of realization that the one person you longed for is with you all along just tugged at my heart!

And then there’s Sorn who is so lonely and vulnerable. She finally finds her prince charming, but she can’t even be free to realize her feelings for him because she’s like a puppet always being pulled in every directions by her puppeteers! Sigh… I’m sad for Sorn. I wish she gets her prince charming at the end, but sadly….

Ahhh.. let’s begin…

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Sai See Plerng Epi. 7 & 8 Quick Summary COMPLETED!

Ahh.. Sorry darklings. It seems like instead of catching up, I keep falling behind! Let’s do this quick. I’m going to list some high lights for ya’ll so I can catch up with Monday’s episode, then once I get caught up, I will do the full screen caps again!

So anywho.. I was thinking , yeah Lisa assaulted Sorn by stepping on Sorn’s hand in Chan’s condo, but I think what Sai is doing to Sorn is 10x worst! For one, Sai is hurting her own blood and two, Sai is trying to destroy Sorn’s heart and emotions and that’s worst than any physical pain!!

I mean I was cheering for Sai in the beginning because Sow and the evil old hag were beyond cruel to her, but I feel so badly for Sorn that I’m starting to feel indifferent towards Sai. I’m so conflicted!

Let’s begin..

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Sai See Plerng Epi. 6 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

You guys are gonna have to excuse me while I fangirl over Poh(P’Bee/Buree)! Honestly, this is my first time watching Poh’s lakorn; the reason is because he seems to be in a lot of Ch.7 lakorns and I hardly watch Ch. 7 so I totally missed out on him. But man oh man! I’m so glad he’s in this lakorn because I’m soooo in love! He is so mysteriously handsome, the kind of handsome that isn’t boring, the kind of handsome where at first you don’t noticed him, but then when you keep watching you noticed that there is something special about him and you are drawn into his many layers. If I were Sai, I’d want P’Bee too! Hahahaha

Poh as P’Bee is so perfect because P’Bee is so rational, kind, caring, and such a gentle man!!! And they chose the perfect young man to play the young P’Bee . You can just sense a kind and caring vibe from him.

Oh… by the way, I take it back. I said Sow was Mother of the year(NOT) for pimping out her daughter to Patchara, but now I also want to nominate Chan’s Mom as Mother of the year(NOT) too. That woman is beyond horrible. It seems like the only time she support Chan is when she will benefit from it. And when he needed her to lean on the most, she just walked away ! I mean, shit at least we all know that Sow will always let Sorn lean on her!

Ahh…let’s begin…

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Sai See Plerng Epi. 5 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

I can’t help but feel so badly for Sorn. Though her Mom claims to love her, she is practically being bullied by that woman. Sorn is told what to wear, where to go, what to eat, who to see, who to talk to and what to do! . Not only that, Patchara treats her like crap and only using her to get Sai jealous! I’m rooting for Chan and Sorn.. I think Chan would be great for her; he can protect her and give her the love that she deserves… Oh please please producers, don’t let this lakorn end the same way the original one ended!!

You know, I think the biggest coward though is Sode. He’s so worried about his family name’s reputation that he’s willing to use Sai’s money and riches. Sow on the other hand, even though she is a bitch, she was willing to face the truth that they are broke! (that’s basically the only thing I agree on with her)

The other day I was watching the old version of this lakorn and I noticed that Mew as Sai was a little more nicer and not as ruthless and cold as Chompoo as Sai. Hmmm… when I thought about it, I think I like the more cold and ruthless Sai… because, it makes for better drama and it’s more convincing to watch. What I mean is, I don’t want to see a character that is wishy washy. She either will be ruthless or she will not, pick one.. you know what I mean?? And it’s also a change to see a “nang ake” who is cold and vindictive. Most nang ake who are on a revenge path are too kind that I get bored of the same old song and dance. And it’s just fun to watch.

What do you guys think? Do you like the ruthless colder Sai or the nicer Sai??

Ahhh…. let’s begin.

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Sai See Plerng Epi. 4 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

I was just thinking… If they kept the evil grandmother alive, this lakorn would have been so much better.. because even if the main target of the revenge is for Sowanee, if you think about it; the root cause of this whole drama is the evil old hag. It all started with the old hag treating Duangta like shit, only pretending to appreciate her so that Duangta would stick around to be her slave. Oooo… I would have loved to see Sai get sweet old revenge on that old hag!!

Now if they wanted to be true to the original, they should have remastered the original OST! I really love the old theme song..

Oh here’s a little trivia for ya’ll. The actress playing the evil grandma in this version used to play Sowanee’s Mom in the old version.

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Sai See Plerng Epi. 3 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

Sow deserves mother of the year award. NOT!! I think she should be ashamed of herself for pimping out her own daughter, using her own daughter to play games with Sai. She claims that she is doing everything to protect Luksorn but in actuality, she degrades her own daughter by not teaching her any self worth, wanting her to marry off to a man for all the wrong reasons!

I totally understand Sai for wanting revenge, but I’m not liking how she’s causing three good friends Buree, Chan and Patchara to have conflicts! A lot of these revenge plots do have collateral damages, but it sucks when innocent people get hurt along the way.

Let’s see how this goes.. On with the caps…

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Cancelled & Continued Projects

Now that I’m back full force, I want to clean out my closet a little. Here are the cancelled projects and continued ones.

Cancelled Projects: 


Anin Thita starring Bee Namthip and Charbelle. Eh even though I love past lives and mystery/ghost type lakorns, I got really bored of this lakorn and didn’t want to waste my time screen capping. Sorry to those waiting on this one!

Fai Ruk Plerng Kaen starring Tisha & Smart. You know, this lakorn has a good premise.. I love me some revenge lakorns, but I can’t watch any longer. I’m just not feeling the chemistry between the two main leads. I think Tish is a pretty good actress but she is sooo young that I’m not feeling her vindictive powerful woman role plus her starring along with Smart is just soo off.. I’m cancelling this but I will try to at least post an ending scene for those still interested in this lakorn.

Continuing Projects:

Leh Nangfah and Sai See Plerng. I’m trying to play catch up so please please bear with me. Thank you guys!

Sai See Plerng Epi. 2 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

You know what? the more I watch Patchara, the more I hate him. He’s an impressionable ungrateful bastard! I mean… I know he was chosen to pair with Luksorn and all, but why the hell is he interested in Sai when he knows for a fact that she is Luksorn’s sister and someone else’s girlfriend?? I hate that kind of man! I can’t remember what happens to him in the old version, but I sure hope he realizes what a loser he is for treating Luksorn so badly. Asshole! lol

And Poor Luksorn, she is treated like such a kid pretty much from everyone. No wonder she doesn’t have the ability to think for herself! If you want to teach someone how to survive, you gotta throw them in the ocean. They will have to either swim to survive or sink! You can’t keep sheltering them, you know what I mean. So it’s all Sow’s fault. Karma is a bitch. Now her precious daughter can’t fend for herself!

On with the caps…

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Sai See Plerng Epi. 1 Screen Caps COMPLETED!

I love Chompoo as Sai ! She is doing such a great job playing a head strong confident and vibrant woman who harbors dark feelings and vengeance! I’m cheering Sai on so hard right now. Ohhh sweeet sweet revenge! I mean for a second. I felt badly for Sai’s real father but then when I thought about it, he had a hand in allowing Sai to be treated like shit from his Mother and his nasty new new wife!

And as for LukSorn, I feel sorry for her. She was misguided and misdirected by her menacing Mother and cruel Grandmother. She and Sai could have been so close, but those evil hags brainwashed her into treating Sai like shit too. But now the tables have turned!! Sai is strong, successful and confident while LukSorn is slow, mousy, and unsuccessful! Man I wish the Grandma was still alive though.

Let’s begin…

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