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Recently Completed Lakorns: Jao Payu Ep. 1-16   Koom Nang Kruan Epi. 1-16  Paap Aatan Epi. 1-17(End) Kaen SanaeHa Epi. 15 (End) DONE! Peik Marn Epi. 15 & 16(End) DONE! Hua Jai Rua Puang Epi. 1 thru 20 Reun SanaeHa Epi. 1 thru 24 Marn Kammathep Epi. 1 to 15 Koo Khum Epi. 1 thru 24 Manee Sawud Epi. 1 thru 14 Buang Wun Wan Epi. 1 thru 12 Khun Samee Gamalor TeeRuk 1 thru 14 Rang Ngao Episode 1 thru 20 Completed Ruk Khun Tao Fah Epi. 1 thru 14 Review Completed! Likit Fah Cha Ta Din Epi. 1 thru 35 COMPLETED!!! Buang Episodes 1 thru 17 COMPLETED!, Dok Soke Episodes 1 thru 37 COMPLETED!Qi Pao Episode 1 thru 7 Completed! Raak Boon Epi. 1 to 3

A friendly Reminder: Because I am trying to finish these caps in a timely matter to catch up on each current episodes per your viewing pleasures, I try to type as quickly as possible. So because of that I may have a lot of typos in these caps. If you get confused by some of these Episode caps, please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to clarify them for you. Enjoy! ;)

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Ya Leum Chun Epi. 6 Caps In Progress

Khem graduated from being a sociopath to a puppet master! Heck, he’s even controlling those two evil bitches! (Which I love). Dude seems to always get what he want! Man oh man, I can’t wait for Suriyawadee to have her chance at torturing his mean ass! I don’t know about you guys but I cannot wait to watch the Swiss episode!

Hmmm…. and you know what i’m kind of hoping for?? Since those evil bitches are going to be spending some time with the kids at camp, maybe they will soon realize how cute their little twin brothers are and they will have a change of heart??? I would love for those green eyed monster to redeem themselves that way?? Anyone agree???

Anywho, I’ve decided to continue the caps from where they were doing a photo shoot. My Preview post here pretty much sums up what happened from the beginning of this episode until now . If anyone needs clarification, please feel free to ask me.

Let’s begin!

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Ya Leum Chun Epi. 6 Preview


I feel kind of badly for Gane when Khem is getting up close and personal with his ex. But then again, I won’t feel too bad because Gane is supposed to be with Eur anyway! I just hope that Gane and Eur will get a little romance soon. Their cute friendship is nice and everything but I am dying to see them being in love already! Who’s with me???

In the meantime, I present you with Episode 6 Previews! Did Gane walk in on Khem and Su???

Note: Fia is sick so I will be covering both Epi. 6 & 7!! My work will be gradual so please be patient. I do however promise to finish this week’s episodes before next week’s episodes air!

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Part Two Kularb Rai Kong Nai Tawan Summary 1 In Progresses


Previously on Kularb Rai, Rosaline returned to Thailand to see her grandfather Narong only to discovered that she won’t be allowed to work at the Queen Rose Resort because she is unexperiences with work. In able for her to work at the Hotel she must be train like everybody else. Rose meet Tawan and their meeting first impressions it is not so good. Too top it all she find out the her grandfather and Tawan grandfather was going to arrange a marriage between her and Tawan. Narong and Chan has set an agreement to sent Rose to work at the farm (Tawan Ranch) for Rose to repay Narong debt to Chan and for Tawan and Rose to get to know each other better. Now on with the capped:

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Ya Leum Chun Epi. 5, Part 2 Caps COMPLETED!!

Wow, the second half of this episode made me beam and smile like an idiot while chuckling at my laptop!

How cute was that pool scene with the twins and Khem?? OMG.. I swear, when Wiboon left those cute little twins with Khem, I feel like he just left the kids for the big bad wolf to feast on! Hahahaha.

And oh gosh, this is the first lakorn I see a pa’aek going as far as burning himself to lure the nang’aek in! Khem is such a sly devil. I can’t believe this guy! And oh man, I really enjoyed watching Khem with nothing but just a tank top on. Look at those veins on his arms!!!! MMmmm. Okay okay, on with the caps!

By the way, this is a gradual work in progress. I am multitasking so please bear with me. Thank you. :)

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Ya Leum Chun Epi. 5, Part 1 Caps COMPLETED!

I am totally in love with Ganlong! Not only is she beautiful, sweet, smart, and elegant; she is a tough girl who knows how to put her foot down and tell it like it is! I absolutely loved how she told off that annoying waste of screen time Wanita! That was just perfect. It’s no wonder I thought Wanita was annoying. It turns out that she is friends with evil bitch Orn.

Eur is another character that I love. He’s so rational and doesn’t jump to conclusions like Mr. Demon Khem over there. I’m sure he learned his lesson when he totally lost his chance to marry Suriyawadee. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that Eur’s evil sister doesn’t manage to put poison in his head again.

Now let’s talk about Suriyawadee/Suriyong…  Hmmm… I want to say that she is apathetic due to her lack of emotions?? But then again, maybe that’s how her character is supposed to be because she is trying so hard to hide her true feelings around Khem?? And because of all the things she’s gone thru; having to break Khem’s heart and leave him, having to drop out of college to marry an old man to help her family get out of debt, and then becoming a Mother almost immediately. Maybe she is so emotionally hardened that she hides it behind a stoned face? I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m so ready to see Ann Thongprasom at her best. I still remember her role in Borisud Bumbut Kaen. Wow! Ann totally dominated the screen in that lakorn. She showed so many layers and sides to her acting that ever since then, I truly believe that Ann is THE Queen of Lakorns!

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Ya Leum Chun Epi. 4 Preview


I don’t know about you guys but every time I hear that song come on, I just melt! If I didn’t have bones in my body, I think I would just float away along with the beautiful lyrics and melodies of that song (The one that Eur sang).

*Note: Love Fia Blog will cover episode 4. Make sure to check her blog for the complete episode 4 caps!

Here is a Preview of what’s in store.

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Leh Nangfah Epi. 2 Caps COMPLETED!

I’m having so much fun watching this lakorn. It’s not outrageously comedic(which I don’t like), but it has more of a magical fairy take feel to it. I am also very impressed with how they used a real blue parakeet instead of a computer generated one!

Let’s get this party started! On with the caps…

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Leh Nangfah Epi. 1 Caps COMPLETED!

I viewed Epi. 1 and I decided to add Leh Nangfah to my new lakorn lineup. I’ve always love fairy tales and this lakorn remind me of the many fairy tales I’ve watch growing up plus how can I resist another Ch. 5 production?? I love Ch. 5!!! lol.

So..   I already introduced you to Lalalit aka Beauty. She is a very popular model , but a very self absorbed, narcissistic, and spoiled one too. Though she used to have a pet parakeet, she now hates birds all together and that hatred for birds turned into a full blown phobia of them. Though it may seem pretty odd that one would hate birds; they are seemingly harmless, Lalalit has a very good reason why she hates them.

On with the caps….

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Cubic Episode 22 Part Two The Ending In Progresses


Previously on Cubic, Lin Lanser announces his resignment of ChaiHong Group power as the leader to Yong Wen in exchanging for the safety of Ruetienak and Nantaka. Everything is going according to Ruetienak plan. Now on with the capped:

Coffee 2

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Potential New Project: Leh Nangfah (Tricky Angels)


Leh Nangfah Starring Vill and DJ Puttichai. This lakorn is about Lalalita aka Beauty; she is a narcissistic bird hating model who is  turned into a bird by some angels who wants to teach her a lesson for being too self absorbed. Well, Lalalita and I got something in common here. I don’t like birds and I am afraid of them too! One time, on a school field trip in elementary school, while eating lunch with my classmates, a bird took a shit right on my face and it went into my mouth. And then on another occasion, a bird flew right into me and landed on my shoulder! So since then, I try to avoid birds as much as possible!

She is a bird by night and a human by day. Only a true love’s kiss can reverse this curse on Lalalita. Because she thinks she is so beautiful and that everyone loves her, Lalalita thinks that it would be a piece of cake for her to become a human again. Boy is she wrong!  When she hears people speaking badly of her while in the bird form, she gets a wake up call.

This lakorn reminds me a lot of a lakorn that I capped 5 years ago called “Ruk Tae Gae Dai” starring TangMo and Tle with the same premise. Tle’s character turns into a woman because he is such a womanizer and only a true love’s kiss can help him!

Comedy is really not my cup of tea, but this lakorn does seem more like a fairytale so I might give it a try. I will do an episode viewing and will decide if I will work on it or not. Stay tuned!