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Recently Completed Lakorns: Jao Payu Ep. 1-16   Koom Nang Kruan Epi. 1-16  Paap Aatan Epi. 1-17(End) Kaen SanaeHa Epi. 15 (End) DONE! Peik Marn Epi. 15 & 16(End) DONE! Hua Jai Rua Puang Epi. 1 thru 20 Reun SanaeHa Epi. 1 thru 24 Marn Kammathep Epi. 1 to 15 Koo Khum Epi. 1 thru 24 Manee Sawud Epi. 1 thru 14 Buang Wun Wan Epi. 1 thru 12 Khun Samee Gamalor TeeRuk 1 thru 14 Rang Ngao Episode 1 thru 20 Completed Ruk Khun Tao Fah Epi. 1 thru 14 Review Completed! Likit Fah Cha Ta Din Epi. 1 thru 35 COMPLETED!!! Buang Episodes 1 thru 17 COMPLETED!, Dok Soke Episodes 1 thru 37 COMPLETED!Qi Pao Episode 1 thru 7 Completed! Raak Boon Epi. 1 to 3

A friendly Reminder: Because I am trying to finish these caps in a timely matter to catch up on each current episodes per your viewing pleasures, I try to type as quickly as possible. So because of that I may have a lot of typos in these caps. If you get confused by some of these Episode caps, please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to clarify them for you. Enjoy! ;)

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Leh Nangfah Epi. 2 Caps COMPLETED!

I’m having so much fun watching this lakorn. It’s not outrageously comedic(which I don’t like), but it has more of a magical fairy take feel to it. I am also very impressed with how they used a real blue parakeet instead of a computer generated one!

Let’s get this party started! On with the caps…

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Leh Nangfah Epi. 1 Caps COMPLETED!

I viewed Epi. 1 and I decided to add Leh Nangfah to my new lakorn lineup. I’ve always love fairy tales and this lakorn remind me of the many fairy tales I’ve watch growing up plus how can I resist another Ch. 5 production?? I love Ch. 5!!! lol.

So..   I already introduced you to Lalalit aka Beauty. She is a very popular model , but a very self absorbed, narcissistic, and spoiled one too. Though she used to have a pet parakeet, she now hates birds all together and that hatred for birds turned into a full blown phobia of them. Though it may seem pretty odd that one would hate birds; they are seemingly harmless, Lalalit has a very good reason why she hates them.

On with the caps….

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Cubic Episode 22 Part Two The Ending In Progresses


Previously on Cubic, Lin Lanser announces his resignment of ChaiHong Group power as the leader to Yong Wen in exchanging for the safety of Ruetienak and Nantaka. Everything is going according to Ruetienak plan. Now on with the capped:

Coffee 2

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Potential New Project: Leh Nangfah (Tricky Angels)


Leh Nangfah Starring Vill and DJ Puttichai. This lakorn is about Lalalita aka Beauty; she is a narcissistic bird hating model who is  turned into a bird by some angels who wants to teach her a lesson for being too self absorbed. Well, Lalalita and I got something in common here. I don’t like birds and I am afraid of them too! One time, on a school field trip in elementary school, while eating lunch with my classmates, a bird took a shit right on my face and it went into my mouth. And then on another occasion, a bird flew right into me and landed on my shoulder! So since then, I try to avoid birds as much as possible!

She is a bird by night and a human by day. Only a true love’s kiss can reverse this curse on Lalalita. Because she thinks she is so beautiful and that everyone loves her, Lalalita thinks that it would be a piece of cake for her to become a human again. Boy is she wrong!  When she hears people speaking badly of her while in the bird form, she gets a wake up call.

This lakorn reminds me a lot of a lakorn that I capped 5 years ago called “Ruk Tae Gae Dai” starring TangMo and Tle with the same premise. Tle’s character turns into a woman because he is such a womanizer and only a true love’s kiss can help him!

Comedy is really not my cup of tea, but this lakorn does seem more like a fairytale so I might give it a try. I will do an episode viewing and will decide if I will work on it or not. Stay tuned!

Cubic Commentary Essay of The Series

Cubic 15

From what I saw so far on Cubic, I believe Bomb Tanin acting it is improving. His role of Lin Lanser, a young mafia of Hong Kong whom has never loves or cares about anybody until he meet Ruetienak. Ruetienak, our intelligent girl whom are a nerd really. She is not very pretty, but she is very clever and smart girl. She seems to turned our steroic man into a softies loveable guy. When Lin Lanser first meet her, she is feisty and fierces.  Ruetienak adopted father sent Ruetienak to repaying Lin Lanser debt instead of her sister Nantaka.  Ruetienak have to work to repaying the debt that her adopted father has made.  I believe this series has very storyline, and  terrific turnout climax points of the storyline, especially recent episode of Cubic (15),  Bomb is very handsome and stoic when the bomb goes off, and he try to escaping from the building.  The most memorable scene in episode 15 of Cubic is when Ruetienak have to choose between saving the loves of her lives, Lin Lanser or saving the lives of her sister, Nantaka.

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Ya Leum Chun Epi. 3, Part 2 Caps COMPLETED!

When Suriyawadee shook hands with Khemchart, she totally made a deal with the devil! I’m really scared for her now.

You know, I know Suriyawadee had an obligation to fulfill that’s why she had no choice but to dump and leave Khemchart. If she did not do that, then we wouldn’t have a storyline right? But technically speaking, Suriyawadee is the one who’s wrong.

I mean, why couldn’t she just confide in him and told him the truth?? Ultimately, she was the one who broke his heart. She was the one who left him with no explanation but a two sentence note! She was the one who broke her promise of taking care of his heart. Though our angry man has one hell of a grudge against Su and the cruel things he does against her are cringe worthy, I can totally feel his pain!!

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Cubic Spoiler Episode 22 Part One Completes

Cubic 7

Previously on Cubic Nak and Chin Fu putting their plan in actions to captured and get ridden of Yong Wen. Before she goes through with her plan she has briefing Lin Lanser about her plan. But what she did not expecting is for Yong Wen to kidnapped her sisters to using her sisters as a bargaining chip too. So, now Nak and Nantaka both been kidnapped. Yong Wen has already gives Lin Lanser an ultamatum either ChaiHong Group or the lives of Nak and Nantaka. Now on with the capped:

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Ya Leum Chun Epi. 3, Part 1 Caps COMPLETED!

Big bad wolf Khem is so funny! The dude keeps threatening to fire Suriyawadee and keep daring her to quit, but when she is going to quit, he gets all hot and bothered! What a love sick fool.

LOL… It’s amusing to see such a grown man act this way, like a prepubescent school boy whose so in love with a girl but doesn’t know how to handle his own feelings, so in turn he mistreats her! I was actually laughing at him when he sees Eur, Su, and twins walk together into the house. He tried to put up a stoic vibe, but inside he’s squirming! (Well, that’s what you get for being such a meanie, Khem!)

By the way, I love the subtle budding romance between Gane and Eur! They are so oblivious to how much they match each other and contrast each other.

On with the caps….

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Guang Kanthong and Gang Por Pra Lai Summary in progresses


At the wedding places, inside the wedding reception, where there is no guests in the room just yet. The Wedding gawn and The Groom Suite are hanging on the statues
The Dressing Room in the Hotel

Patwalai was doing her hair, puting a making up on, and not yet put the wedding dresses on, screaming real loud.
Patwalai:”I’m going to killed them!!!!!!!!”
Khun Pae:” Calmed down, Walai, the bridesmaid are not here yet, it is not scarely like the brides whom are not properly dresses.


Walai:”Very well, Pee Pae, they are thinking that our wedding took places somewhere in Poang or Bangpaharn, ha!!!!”
Pae:”Well I don’t know, ka.

Patwalai:” The wedding take places in Bangkok! The city where is bad trafficking heavenly!!! But right now they are not here yet, did not thinks to preparing on times!”

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Ya Leum Chun Epi. 2 Preview (Contain Some Spoilers)


Note: Love Fia’s Blog will provide you with today’s episode, so make sure you check with her blog for the full caps!

In the meantime, here’s a little preview of Episode 2.

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