Paap Aatan Epi. 15, 16, & 17 (End) Caps COMPLETED!!

Wow….  I didn’t expect that at all. This is the most flattest and blah ending to a lakorn ever in the history of my lakorn watching career! It didn’t end stupid or weird or bizarre. It was just… FLAT and unsatisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s like…I can’t even complain because the ending is somewhat a happy ending, but it felt like .. like I was on a stranded island and I was very thirsty, and then I saw a bottle of water , but I just couldn’t drink that water! So all I can do is just sit there and look at the water feeling more thirsty and unsatisfied.

First of all, why did Noy kill Nut?? during the whole lakorn, Noy was a voice of reason and goodness. She kept trying to stop Prayong from harming people but she herself kills Nutt?? Plus they weren’t really clear as to why Luang Kajohn didn’t meet Noy as promised? Supposedly, he decided to marry Chalin after all? And then…  they never mention exactly how Prayong died besides her mentioning to Noy that..”some things are too horrible to mention?” Gee.. I wonder if she killed herself ?? And top of that, they didn’t show just how exactly Pratt died? I know that he was locked in that secret room, but how did he get in there?? Gosh.. so many unanswered questions!

My version of how it should end?? They should burn Prayong’s painting and while her painting is ablaze, chedta turns into tun jao khun and finally admits to his faults and wrong doings and then he drops dead! End . lol

I guess the only message I got from this lakorn is.. “if you love someone, let them go! If they don’t come back, then they weren’t yours to keep in the first place…”

So if you still care to know what happened.. here goes…

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Paap Aatan Epi. 14 Caps COMPLETED!

I like how in this lakorn, everyone pretty much knows who they were from the previous lives! Most other reincarnation lakorns wait till the very last moment to know who they were. I must say that I really am enjoying Paap Aatan. Now, let’s hope that the ending does not disappoint? I’m hoping that in the end, Prayong is sent to eternal hell for the sins that she committed!

Anywho… I feel kind of bad for Ting. She’s going to have to take the fall for a murder she did not commit. But you know what though? I’ve always believed that when you play with fire, you will get burn! So please my darklings, stay away from fire. LOL

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Paap Aatan Epi. 13 Caps COMPLETED!

Ughh, I hate it when a character is evil towards their peers, but when they are evil towards a child, a baby or even an unborn baby, it just disgust me so badlyy!

I gave Prayong the benefit of the doubt thinking that she has the right to be angry because Pratt made those empty promises to her, but to hurt an unborn baby is just very vile and low!!! And I thought she made Ting push Orn down the stairs, but evil bitch did it all herself!!!! Wow.. all for a man. She is one menacing evil bitch!

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Paap Aatan Epi. 12 Caps COMPLETED!

No worries Paap Aatan viewers, I do plan on capping this one till the end! we’ve got 5 more episodes left, so bear with me guys!

So it looks like ultimately, Pratt is to blame for all this mess! Sure he didn’t commit murder but he sure as hell caused it! I find it pretty disgusting that he is not only doing Orn, but he’s also doing her nanny too! Eww. It’s weird that Orn hasn’t shown any emotions or feelings about Gade and Pratt? Does she know or is she in the dark about that one? did I miss something here??

It’s kind of stupid how Pinsuda and Anongwadee are still so worried about how Gade speaks ill of Prayong. Stupid! don;t they know that Prayong is an evil spirit?? Shoot! Prayong isn’t your sweet dead great great great grandmother! She’s trying to kill you! Hello??

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Paap Aatan Epi. 11 Caps COMPLETED!

Wow… I think Pratt/Tun Jao Khun would have made a very good car salesman or a telemarketer! The guy can sell a lot of bullshit and make it sound so heavenly and sweet, promising the heavens and the world to these poor women. Sheesh, not only does he have an innocent woman wrapped around his fingers, he also snagged her nanny! Now he’s married to another woman too?? My goodness… I hope he ends up with no one in the end!!

I hate both Prayong and Pratt. They both deserve each other! Now.. I’m more interested to know what really happened to Noy and Nut.

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Paap Aatan Epi. 10 Caps COMPLETED!

Sheesh.. maybe Tun Jao Khun should consider keeping it in his pants! He’s got three women all wrapped up around him. In the past life, I see that Gade has been trying to look out for Orn, but still… I don’t find her that genuine because if she really loved Orn, she wouldn’t have allowed for Tun Jao Khun to sleep with her?? It’s not like she was forced to sleep with him, she’s not even a forced slave! This era was when slavery got demolished , but some people still choose to work in servitude but without all the injustice of forced slavery!

So yeah, Gade did sleep with Tun Jao Khun knowing damn well that he is Orn’s husband! So I don’t think her intentions were all that good .

With that being said, Pratt/Neung/Chedta is just  natural born player. Didn’t he start off with Gade as his girlfriend and now he’s trying to hit on Anong??? I understand how Gade would be upset but why be upset at the other woman?? If that was my boyfriend, I would tell him to fuck off and I would find myself another boyfriend who is loyal sincere!

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Paap Aatan Epi. 9 Caps COMPLETED!

Poor Granny Suay. Every time I see her on screen, I choke up seeing her so sad missing her daughter Sawud. Losing a child must be the worst thing in the whole world; something I don’t even dare imagine. A mother’s love is eternal and forever!

So I’m still wondering, was Prayong evil to begin with or did losing Pratt to other women make her evil??? I think she was a bit narcissistic (like forcing the slaves to call her “khun tun khone yai” meaning big master even though she is the youngest child in the mansion) but I didn’t think she was evil in the beginning???

Shame on Prayong for being jealous of her own niece! What a menacing woman!

I totally understand how it feels to love, but gee.. if a man refuses to marry you and shows interest in other woman, maybe that’s a sign that he isn’t for you??? These women never learn!

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Paap Aatan Epi. 8 Caps COMPLETED!

From youtube

Hmm… from what I gathered, I think that Prayong probably got jealous of what Noy had with Khun Luang (Manut) that she was probably behind Noy’s heartbreak which it ultimately caused Noy to commit suicide. Poor Noy.. her story is so sad and torturous! I do hope that manut will somehow remember her. :(

As for Prayong, I wonder if she was evil from the start or did losing Pratt made her turn to the dark side!  I want to watch a whole segment of the past lives already!! The flashbacks are too short!

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Paap Aatan Epi. 7 Caps COMPLETED!

From youtube

Prayong is a very persistent ghost! she’s always sneaking out of her painting and into Pratt’s dreams! Well… if I were a ghost and had a handsome guy like Pong living in my house, I would enter his wildest dreams every night too. Hahaha!

I always believed that there are two sides to every story, but when it comes to promises and vows, I think it’s mostly black and white unless you have some dyer situation? I really want to know what lead Pratt to marrying Orn even though he loved Prayong? Unless he didn’t really love Prayong in the first place??  I can’t wait to find out!

By the way, the painting of Prayong looks more like Nok Sinjai! don’t you guys think so??

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Paap Aatan Epi. 6 Caps COMPLETED!

From youtube

My My My! Pong needs to star in movies/lakorns where he plays a classic bolun guy more often. He looks so handsome and hot as a man of the past!

So Okay.. I guess I spoke too soon. Anong finally let her hair down and it looks beautiful. Long pretty hair is meant to let it flow down the shoulders!Well to me at least. Plus I love that her hair is black in this lakorn. Usually other lakorns, her hair is reddish, so I just really want to see it nice and flowing freely.

Anywho… I can totally see why Prayong is fucking vengeful! Pratt promised to love her only till the day he dies and he also promised that he will come back to marry her and even made her promised to wait for him. So uhhh… he’s got it coming! So her revenge should be against him only and not all the other ladies that he shacked with. They’re innocent!

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Paap Aatan Epi. 5 Caps COMPLETED!

From youtube

Though I hate evil bitches in lakorns, I actually enjoy watching them. They are entertaining and cringe worthy, but then there are some characters that I don’t care for at all. Like Gade… I don’t know what it is about her, but she’s annoying and I couldn’t care less what she does in this lakorn! There is nothing interesting, cute or compelling about her at all. Even her singing is pretty blah! (no offense).

Also, I think Charebelle is a good actress. I liked her a lot in “Likit Fa Chata Din,”  but there is something about her in this lakorn that is not drawing me towards her that much. Like when she talks and say the word “ka,” it sounds so harsh and abrupt that it’s hard to listen to and I dread hearing her talk.  And what’s up with her always putting her hair up in a ponytail???? And that awful looking earring stud hanging off the side of her ear????

Though she isn’t even the main storyline, I look forward to seeing Noy more. And I’m interested to know what actually happened in her past life. Was Manut the cause of her suicide??

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Paap Aatan Epi. 4 Caps COMPLETED!

From youtube

Okay I take it back.. I don’t think Klup is 100 years old, I think he’s more like 200 years old! There’s 4 generations of people in this lakorn and Suay the old lady is married to one of the kid’s kid’s! So how the hell is Klup still alive? My gosh!! What the heck is he eating?? I want some of that if it’s going to make me live till 200 years old!

So anywho…. they need to map out a family tree because I’m still a bit confused. Payong had 2 brothers. Noy is the daughter of one of her brothers and then her other brother probably had a few kids of his own. Suay married one of the kids and had Sawud and another kid. And then Suay’s other kids got married and had that guy , her grandson. And Anong is probably the daughter of one of Payong’s brother’s kid’s kids! Whewwww………. So uhhh… how Klup is still alive?? LOL…. It’s just one of those lakorn plot holes that we need to just ignore I guess??

Oh by the way, Payong is such a dumb ghost! If she wants Anong to stop running to neung for safety than stop scaring her! Each time Payong fusses over how Anong is such a conniving bitch, she’s the one who keeps scaring her driving Anong right Neung. Duh???

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Paap Aatan Epi. 3 Caps COMPLETED!

From youtube

Okay.. Let me get this straight. Neung/Chedta/Pratt had 3 women in his past life. They were Payong (his lover and first woman), Orn (wife) and Gade (another lover). Hmm.. so why is Payong pissed at the other females? she should be blaming Pratt! He’s the one that keeps cheating on her!

I’m still a little confused as to who’s who. The little girl (Sawud) is Payong’s grand daughter ?? And Noy is her niece.. so I’m wondering how Anong is related? Is Anong’s dad, Payong’s grandson??? Anywho… From what I see so far, Pratt is the one that betrayed Payong?? He went away for three years promising to hurry back to her, but then he brings a wife back with him?? Maybe Payong’s anger is very valid, but she’s not angry at the right person!

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Paap Aatan Epi. 2 Caps COMPLETED!

From youtube

Bravo to the director of this lakorn. The camera work, the cinematography, the setting, the atmosphere; everything in this lakorn is excellent. So I hope the storyline is, too. I’ve got to really give these Thai actors and actresses a lot of credit. They can play a really really sweet nang’aek to a totally evil and vile person! I usually see Aom as a sweet and caring nang’aek and to see her as a vile selfish lady is refreshing. I love it when actors change it up a bit. No offense to Aff fans, but her characters are almost all the same! I’ve yet to watch her in a different role other than her usual sweet and sensible nang’aek roles. Anywho….

I’m so ready to find out how everyone is connected! I think Anong is Payong’s great grand daughter on the father side??? I’m not sure yet, but it’s kinda weird that Anong would hate her own great grand daughter? I guess we shall see?? On with the caps…

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Paap Aatan Epi. 1 Caps COMPLETED!

From youtube

You guys already know that I am a huge fan of scary/spooky lakorns! Of course I will cap this, and especially Pong is the lead?? His recent lakorns weren’t up to par lately, so I’m really really hoping that he would redeem himself in this lakorn. You can’t go wrong with a vengeful ghost; not when all she wants is love ???? Here we go… the insanity starts!!!

By the way, I love the cinematography of this lakorn!!! Very nice picture and camera work. I’m very impressed!

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