Completed List

Completed Screen Capped Lakorns

1. Artit Ching Duang, Starring Aom Piyada & Nok Sinjai – Epi. 1 thru 28

2. Borisud Bumbut Kaen, Starring Aum Atichart & Ann Thongprasom – Epi. 8 thru 15

3. Mia Luang, Starring Aum Patcharapa & Pok & Tui – Epi. 1 – 16-18

4. Saab Poo Sah, Starring Nampeung & Ae Issariya – Epi. 1-15

5. Meu Nang, Starring Kwan Usamanee – Epi. 1 – 16

6. Look Mai Plien See, Starring Rome & Benz – Epi. 1 – 14

7. Buang Hong, Starring Pancake – Epi. 1 & 16

8. Prajun See Roong, Starring Aff & Bie – Epi. 1 – 16

9. Roy Ruk Roy Barp, Starring Kwan and Aof Epi. 1 – 18 & Ending Recap

10. Prasart Mued, Starring Sirita & Nat Epi. 1-5 & 11, 12

11. Ruk Tae Gae Dai, Starring Tagmoe and Jakajan Epi. 1-10 &Ending Recap

12. Liam Ruk, Starring Kwan & Vee

13. Kularp Son Narm Starring Ae and Oil

14. Talad Arom Starring Chakrit and Vil Epi. 1-2 & 24

15. Lom Huan, Starring Atichart & Benz – Epi. 1 – 5 (Discontinued)

16. King Kor Rah, Kah Kor Rang, Starring Kwan & Oil – Epi. 1 – 2 (Discontinued)

17. Fai Ruk Asoon, Starring Vicki Epi. 1 (Discontinued; Episode 1 only)

18. Prajun Lai Payak, Starring Aum P, Yui, and Weir (discontinued)

19. Ruk Nai Marn Mek, Starring Min & Tle (discontuned)

20. Talad Arom, Starring Vil & Chakrit Partial

21. Dok Soke Starring Pong Nawat COMPLETED! Epi. 1 thru 37

22. Buang Starring Rome & rita Completed Epi. 1 thru 17

23. Ruk Khun Tao Fah Starring Ken Completed 1 -14

24. Likit Fah Cha Ta Din Starring Son and Mike COMPLETED 1-35

25. Rang Ngao Starring Janie and Tanya Completed 1 – 20

26. Qi Pao Starring Ann T & Mart 1-13

27. Khun Samee Gamalor TeeRuk Starring Chompoo & Rome

28. Buang Wun Wan Starring Tono & Jui

29. Manee Sawud Starring Rita & Aun, Chai

30. Koo Khum Starring Bie & Noona

31. Marn Kammathep Starring Pong

32. Reun SanaeHa Starring Bee Namthip, Pim Pimmada

33. Hua Jai Ruer Puang Starring Son and Pang

34. Kaen SanaeHa Starring Son, Lalita, Chatchai

35. Peik Marn Tono, Num, Pang

36. Paap Aatan Starring Pong and aom

37. Koom Nang Kruan

38. Jao Payu Starring Jeab & Nike

39. Ya Leum Chun Starring Ann T & Tik

40. Sanaeha Sunya Kaen Starring Dome Pakorn & Janie T

41. Sai See Plerng
42. Kulab Len Fai
43. Pope Ruk
44. Roy Leh Sanae Rai Starring DJ Push and Lilly

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  1. new to your site, can i make a request ? Can u please sub the thai drama, Phu Khong Yod Rak and Kong Krapan Naree drama. I will appreciate it very much if you could help me with these or can u recommend what other website where i could download these thai dramas with english subtitles please. Thank you very much i hopei could receive your response soon’

  2. I was wondering if anyone knows the lakorn where the girl has to marry the guy but disguised herself as a maid? It is an older lakorn but I want to rewatch it. Thanks in advance.

  3. hi, can you pls consider to sub Jad Ruk Viva Luang pls.

    thank you for your effort. Cheers!

  4. Hi..
    I really want to read your recaps, and i have tried so many times to register, i even borrowed my cousin’s email because my i didn’t get the confirmation mail for this register but it still couldn’t get through. What should i do? I really want to read your recaps.

  5. Hello friend,
    Had u added comments for Majurat See Nampueng? I checked and couldn’t see that. Do you have any plans to upload the subs for that drama. Seems to be an interesting one. Subs are not available on YouTube also. Please sub Majurat See Nampueng.

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